Rule Your Roost Smoke Alarm Smart Battery

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Rule Your Roost Smoke Alarm Smart Battery

The Roost 9V Smart Battery for Smoke and CO alarms keeps you informed about the status of your smoke alarm and condition of your battery without the disturbing loud beeps.

Rule Your Roost Smoke Alarm Smart Battery

That incessant beep, again and again and again. YOU KNOW you need to change the smoke alarm battery but you somehow live with the startling beeps! The Roost Smart Battery is a replaceable proprietary 9v battery used to power your Smoke or CO detector that will send alerts to your phone when battery power is low.

The Roost Smart Battery doesn’t just alert you when the battery is low, it can also send you a notification when the Smoke/CO Detector is set off! Additionally you also send alerts sent out to multiple people; family members, friends. Rule your roost and stay informed even when you are not at home!

No more finding a chair to stretch your way to the ceiling to push the silence button because you burned your toast, now you can snooze the fire alarm from your smartphone, super convenient!

Rule Your Roost Smoke Alarm Smart Battery

Setting up the Roost Smart Battery

Setting up the Roost Smart Battery uses your home’s internet connection to communicate with you about the status of the alarm. You can retrofit any smoke alarm or CO detector alarm that uses a conventional 9v battery. Just download the Roost App on your iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.2+ smartphone or tablet, follow the prompts to set up a Roost account, activate your battery and then to get it connected to your WiFi network. Once those steps are completed, insert the Roost Smart Battery into the Smoke Detector/CO Alarm and your off and running. The Roost supports 802.11 b/g/n network protocol.

The Smart Battery also supports multiple Smoke and CO detectors so you can be sure that they are all properly powered and working. The Proprietary Roost Smart Battery uses a replaceable lithium battery pack which lasts 5 years and takes about 5 minutes to set up.

Rule Your Roost Smoke Alarm Smart Battery

Roost Smart Battery for Smoke detectors & CO alarms $34.99 ea
Discounts for bulk purchase and a battery replacement runs $15.00 ea


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