Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier review

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Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier review

The Intense Pure Air features a 4 stage filtration system and is the only air purification system able to filter 99.97% of indoor pollutants and permanently capture and destroy formaldehyde. Airborne Dust Mites, Pollen, Virus, Germs and Bacteria are no match for the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier.

Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier review

The Intense Pure Air PU4020 comes in a mid size for small to mid size rooms up to 400 feet and the xl size PU6020 for larger rooms up to 800 square feet. The 4-stage filtration system is comprised of a Pre-Filter, Active Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter and a Patented NanoCaptur technology.

Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier review

Specs & Design

Smart Sensors automatically detect particles (particle sensor located on the upper right side of the unit) in the air and adjust the air purifier’s 4 speed airflow setting. Alternatively you can manually turn the unit on/off as well as adjust the output levels and set a schedule for your unit from 1-8 hours. The PU4020 also features a night time mode which keeps the unit in it’s lowest two fan settings for the duration.

The top row of the control panel features a filter replacement indicator LED for the HEPA and Carbon filters, Air Quality indicator (circle), Filtration Speed indicator, Mode and timer indicators. The button controls include LED light toggle, Filter reset, On/Off, Mode/Fan Speed selection and Timer/Delayed start buttons.

Thankfully you can toggle the bright blue LED glow with 4 settings. First is full bright LED ring and indicators, 2nd dims the ring, 3rd turns the ring off, 4th dims the Air Quality Control Sensor circle and fan level indicator.

The PU4020 measures 11.8 x 11.2 x 21.3 inches, slightly larger than your avg office waste paper basket and weighs 14.4 lbs which sounds like it’s somewhat heavy the built in handle areas on the upper back and lower front make picking this unit up very easy. The unit seems designed well with soft contours and a modern look appropriate for a living or office space. The build quality seems very good, the action on the buttons maybe slightly odd feeling for some to use but the controls work fine and seem durable.


Rowenta PU4020 exploded view

Physical, Organic, Chemical Pollutants & 4-stage Air Filtration

The Intense Pure Air combats the Physical pollutants like dust and hair, Organic pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold, bacteria/virus and the Chemical pollutants like fumes from cleaning products, tobacco smoke, paint, Formaldehyde, Acetone and much more.

It’s these three forms of indoor pollution; Physical, Organic and Chemical that can adversely affect your health over time that you may not even be aware of since they are often times not visible to the eye.

Rowenta PU4020 filters side by side

Using the Intense Pure Air Purifier isn’t rocket science but how it purifies your air may be close. Unwrap the 4 different filters and install them into the proper receptacle areas on the unit. It’s virtually impossible to put anything in the wrong way. Each filter shows arrows or tabs on which way it should face. First you snap in the NanoCaptur filter, then the true HEPA filter, Active Carbon filter, Pre-filter and airflow cover. Once installed, plug it in and turn it on, decide if you want it on automatic or manual, keep the immediate area around the unit clear for airflow.

The Pre-Filter traps particles above 10 microns like hair, pet hair and dust, then the Active Carbon Filter absorbs odors and pre-cleans the air. Next the HEPA filter captures 99.97% airborne allergens as small as .3 microns like virus, bacteria, pollen, mold, exhaust and more. Finally the Patented NanoCaptur technology destroys Formaldehyde “the most harmful indoor pollutant and a human carcinogen according to the WHO”.

Rowenta NanoCaptur Filter

PU4020 Performance

Over a period of 30+ days we’ve found the Intense Pure Air PU4020 to be quite effective at removing odors, dust and pollen. Pollen levels are relatively low at this time but there’s always someone who is very sensitive to pollen and dust. After running the PU4020 for a couple hours, those same people found the Intense Air Purifier seemed to help them alleviate their symptoms, at least for the duration they were inside the that room.

The Mid size PU4020 is made for small to mid size rooms up to 400 square feet but you can place it in a larger room, just know it will run constantly and you probably will need to replace the filters more frequently.

The unit is relatively quite at the lowest setting 22dBA but the highest fan setting at 45dBA may be somewhat bothersome as it can rack up volume depending how close you are to it. The PU4020 is rated at 100 cfm and the air that blows out is also quite cool. We found ourselves throwing on a blanket or even turning it down manually. I guess that’s why they named it the “Intense Pure Air”.

Overall very pleased with the performance and quality of the unit. Our experience was a good one but our pollution level indicator never displayed more than a few minutes of purple at any given time. Removing 99.97% of airborne pollution comes at a premium and can be a bit of a nuisance replacing 3 filters, but annually you replace the Active Carbon filter. The NanoCaptur filter also is typically 1 year on replacement however is solely dependent upon whether or not the translucent granules are saturated with contaminants (turned dark brown in color).

Rowenta NanoCaptur Filter

Rowenta NanoCaptur Filter

Filter replacement costs look like this: The Pre-filter is washable. The true HEPA filter which lasts 3 years cost MSRP $49.99 on sale $24.99, The Active Carbon Filter MSRP $44.99 on sale $22.04 lasts 1 year, and the NanoCaptur Filter MSRP $69.99 on sale $34.99 replacement is judged on the discoloration of the translucent granules in the filter hive typically lasts 1 year. Let’s hope they’re always on sale eh?

The Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier performs well to remove dust, odors, pollen, fumes, tobacco smoke and all kinds of airborne bad guys providing 4 stages of air filtration. It is the only air purification system that can kill up to 99.97% of Physical, Organic and Chemical airborne pollutants and permanently capture and destroy formaldehyde.

Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier PU4020 $299.99


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