Puro Sound Labs BT Studio Grade Headphones

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Puro Sound Labs BT Studio Grade Headphones

Unfortunately many of us do not realize how important it is to protect your hearing and how easy it is to destroy it over your lifetime, until it’s too late. The BT5200 Adult and the Kids BT2200 Bluetooth wireless headphones are engineered to give you Studio grade sound while protecting your ears from hearing loss.

Puro-Sound-Labs-BT5200-studio-grade-headphonesOnce you’ve destroyed your hearing, there’s no way to get it back. Which is why it’s extremely important to protect your ears from exposure to decibel levels that might cause hearing loss. Puro Sound Labs worked closely with the Hearing Health Foundation to develop the Puro BT2200 for kids since there’s no better time to protect your hearing than right from the start.

The Puro BT5200 headphones feature Studio grade sound in an elegant minimal design suitable for home use. The Pure BT5200’s are built for adults that appreciate a Studio caliber set of monitors and features an active monitor for your volume levels visually displayed with an LED indicator. The active volume monitor ensures that your audio and levels are at the optimum volume for both quality of sound while protecting your ears.

Crowded rooms are no problem, the BT5200 features 82% noise-isolation to keep the noise out and your audio in.

The main differences between the BT2200 and BT5200 is that the children’s BT2200 features a volume limited sound output at 85dBA, it’s smaller for children’s heads and provides up to 18 hours of playback; while the Adult BT5200’s are engineered with active monitoring and optional limiter with LED safe volume listening indicator for adults to decide for themselves. Both the BT5200 and BT2200 are engineered with 40 mm custom dynamic drivers and 20 Hz – 20k Hz Dynamic range with <1% total harmonic distortion. The BT2200’s are perfect for the young audiophile, musician growing an appreciation for the pleasures of sound. They add a little extra protection for your child’s hearing to boot.

BT5200-with-caseThe Puro BT5200’s and BT2200’s provide wireless playback at up to 30 feet using Bluetooth 4.0 (with AptX) and offers up to 24 hours of continuous use (18 hours for the BT2200) with up to 200 hours of standby time via the onboard Lithium-ion battery. The sound quality is indicative of Studio grade style over the ear headphones, in a casual on-ear form factor. Both units offer excellent battery life, the freedom of wireless and beautiful studio grade sound without sacrificing your hearing.

They come with a hard carry case, USB charging cable and quick start guide. The BT5200 comes with a 3.5mm aux cable while the BT2200 comes with an audio limiter cable for wired use.

BT5200 available in blk/slvr $129.99
BT2200 available in blk/slvr, tan/gld, wht/slvr $79.99

Puro Sound Labs


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