iFixit Gadget Repair Toolkits

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iFixit Gadget Repair Toolkits

DIYers, overclockers and anyone looking to repair a computer, mobile device or other gadget will appreciate the Smartphone Repair Kit and Universal Bit Kit from iFixit.

There’s a whole new world of gadgets out there being innovated and produced at a feverish pace. Many of these gadgets are considered throw-a-ways by the manufacturer but we can’t all afford to buy the latest and greatest mobile devices and gadgets all the time.

iFixit Gadget Repair Toolkits

Smartphone Repair Kit

Shattered or cracked glass, broken bezels, loose buttons, inoperative ports… We’ve all been there and looked into what companies charge to fix these gadgets. However the cost can many times outweigh the value of the device, at that point you may as well just buy a new one.

iFixit Tools for your Gadgets

The Smartphone Repair Kit comes with all your handy micro-tools to handle various repairs on your mobile device, tablet, GPS, camera and more. This inexpensive kit comes with an Anti-Static Project Tray, Suction Cup, Sim Eject Tool, Spudger, Plastic Opening Tool, ESD Tweezers, Opening Pick, Aluminum Screwdriver handle, T4 Driver Bit, T5 Driver Bit, T6 Driver Bit, iPhone P2 Pentalobe Driver Bit, Phillips #00 Driver Bit, Phillips #000 Driver Bit and a 1.5mm Flathead Driver Bit.

Smartphone Repair Kit $24.95

iFixit Universal Bitkit Toolkit

Universal Bit Kit

The iFixit Universal Bit Kit features 128 steel bits in both 4mm and 1/4″ sizes as well as large torque bits and a CNC machined aluminum driver. The Bit Kit comes in quite handy as it comes with a wide range of bits including Torx, Hex, Pozidriv, Tri-wing, Oval Bit, Triangle, Pentalob, Clutch and more!

The Universal Bit Kit comes in a laser-etched oak wood case that makes it easy to keep organized and working. The Universal Bit Kit is super convenient and contains a pretty thorough array of bits to choose from. These are strong, quality sure-footed bits and find usefulness way beyond any small electronic gadgets, smartphones and tablets.  As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, so does the usability of these specialized bits.  The CNC machined drivers are comfortable and solid to use but you can always use the bits with any standard bit driver tool. The wooden case is fashioned with 4 small magnets but is not well suited to carry with you outdoors but looks great and keeps them orderly. Watch your fingers as the other smaller bits might sneak up under your fingernail, ouch!

The Bit Kit case measures 8.625″ x 9.75″ x Height: 1.75″. The Universal Bit Kit is a Must-Have for any do-it-yourself techie types.

iFixit Tools for your Gadgets

Universal Bit Kit $119.95

iFixit offers more than just tools for you to tinker with your gadgets, they also house a repository of Repair Guides, Parts, Teardowns and the latest gadget news to assist you with your repairs.



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