DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

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DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

Tired of squinting trying to make out what you are seeing in your web camera video? The Full HD 180 degree Wireless camera from D-Link not only broadcasts 1080p resolution, you get a broad 180-degree view of the space you’re keeping an eye on.

WiFi surveillance cameras typically give you such a small field of vision that things can quickly move out of the view or you need a special pan and tilt web camera that can be cumbersome to use. The DCS-2630L is engineered around a 180-degree Wide Eye lens that utilizes a de-warping technology to smooth out any visual inconsistencies that might distort your picture.

DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

Features and Specs

The DCS-2630L features sound and motion detection, 2-way Audio, Pinch-Zoom and Responsive Recording. Six IR LEDs and a real glass camera lens allow for crisp video and nightvision up to 16 feet along with 2 PIR sensors that can detect infrared radiation or heat signature. Digital zoom up to 8x.

DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

The DCS-2630L is 11AC Dual Band network compatible for the fastest wireless video transmissions. It works great with the D-Link AC3200 Ultra WiFi Router and features simultaneous H.264/MJPEG compression to increase the amount of footage you can record. Also backward compatible with 802.11 n/g networks. Onboard Micro SD/SDXC card slot lets you record up to 128GB of footage equaling approximately 1 weeks worth of continuous recording time in 1080p res! A Class 10 USH-I microSDHC/XC card is recommended.

DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera
The camera rotates 360 degrees for level video which ever way you decide to mount it. The matching black metal stand is also wall-mountable. It’s Micro USB powered so you can use the supplied wall adapter or even throw in a portable battery for complete versatility when moving it to a temporary location where there might not be an outlet handy.

If you already have a network of DLink WiFi cameras, you can tie them all together to simultaneously view 4 cameras on a single screen with a DNR-202L or with a business class DNR-312L with HDMI out for up to 9 simultaneous channels with 6TB of storage.

DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera

DCS-2630L Recommended

The DCS-2630L features 180-degree Full HD 1080p crisp video with it’s Wide Eye lens with real glass. 11AC wireless network compatibility allows for the fastest wireless speeds for your home surveillance. The DCS-2630L with Wide Eye lens sets the standard for the new generation of web cameras and makes an excellent addition or upgrade to your wireless surveillance network.

DCS-2630L DLink 180 degree Full HD WiFi Camera $179.99


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