John Varvatos Fall Winter 2016 Presentation

Written by  Marv Valladares
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John Varvatos Fall Winter 2016 Presentation

So what do we think, is Rock Dead? That was the big sign above the John Varvatos B0wery store the other night while the John Varvatos Fall Winter 2016 Presentation went one. “ROCK IS DEAD”, is what i thought as I entered the doors of this dark and spooky world. You would agree as you passed a row of coffins filled with corpses of rock itself. Shiny skinny jeans with red velvet boots are being buried telling us Rock is Dead. Then comes reality! As you walk through the John Varvatos Fall Winter 2016 Presentation, one is awaken by a hit of fantasy and reality since the person in front of you may be a man or mannequin.


Leather Jackets, overall coats, sweaters, rock and roll pants, JV boots and everything that screams Rock and Roll is alive comes to life with this year’s collection. From floor to ceiling Rock is alive and now more powerful than ever.

Disruption and audacity are found in unexpected textures and treatments, existing seamlessly alongside luxurious fabrications. Hand-lacing, plush interiors and hand-aged leathers allow a vintage look without sacrificing a luscious hand. Subtly printed fabrics present elegant highs and lows, taking seasonal staples like jackets and pants to a new level. A goat suede layer presents the texture of cashmere flannel, while shearling is rendered in silhouettes from motorcycle jackets to parkas, all my favorite.


Tailored suits take the stage while bags, shoes and bags surround the presentation. It is so obvious that a sense of rebellious attitude is among us, which is why during and at the end of the John Varvatos Fall Winter 2016 Presentation Rock was and is Alive and all around us. So the answer is Rock is NOT Dead. LONG LIVE ROCK!!


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