Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles Red Bull Racing Eyewear

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Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles Red Bull Racing Eyewear

Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles Red Bull Racing Eyewear

Love blasting down the mountain on big GS or slalom runs? Me too. You know how much the wind and lighting conditions can affect your vision. Especially if you wear contact lenses. Nothing scarier on the hill than screaming down a trail and have to close your eyes for moisture to keep your contact lens in your eye.

Check out the the Parabolica Carbon ski goggles from Red Bull Racing Eyewear. The Parabolica Carbon 101 is Formula 1 racing inspired, designed for optimal performance during high-speed skiing. The spherical lens design also makes the Parabolica fit great and look pretty cool. They are slightly oversized to accommodate RX glasses with an optional adapter. Looks nice over a helmet too.


Red Bull Racing Eyewear Parabolica Carbon 010 frame exploded view

The Red Bull F1 inspired Parabolica Carbon 010 features layered goggle system for quick and painless pit stop style lens change for variable conditions. A double ventilation system top and bottom direct airflow efficiently while a double lens construction along with an anti-fog coating ensure you get no fogging. The ultralight Carbon Fibre and co-injected Polyurethane frame gives you strength without compromising on weight.

Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles Red Bull Racing Eyewear

Red Bull Parabolica ski goggles exploded view and ventilation system

The Double spherical lens with Anti-Fog Coating is quick to swap out with your choice of lenses with a quick lift and pull of the outrigger clip, pull out the lens and swap in another, replace frame bezel cover and clips and you’re ready to turn and burn in any condition.

“The lenses of the goggles Parabolica, Rascasse and Boavista are spherical…they are toric, which effectively means that the horizontal and vertical curvatures are not equal. This results in the best possible fit which is immediately felt when worn.”

Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles Red Bull Racing EyewearFour Additional frame color and lens variations available to suit your ski condition including Ice-Race, Sky-Race, Fire-Race, Sun-Race, Moon-Race, Black-Race lenses. An optical eyeglass adapter frame insert is also available in case you want to use your Red Bull Racing RX Optical sport or performance RX eyewear with your Parabolica ski goggles.


The Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles are every bit as form fitting and comfortable as they claim to be. They feel great and are surprisingly compact due to the face hugging curvature of the frame. The Red Bull Racing Eyewear Parabolica Carbon Ski Goggles feel well made and look cool! Comes with a nice silky carry pouch.

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