Epson Home Cinema 3000 Projector

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Epson 3000 1080p 3D 3LCD

Are you looking to make space in the living room and are done with all the hype on flat screen TV’s? Well, I just got rid of my 52 inch Flat screen and replaced it with this Epson Home Cinema 3000 Projector. Now it looks and feel like I am at the movies every night when watching TV. The beauty of this projector is that I can hook up my cable box, 3D Blu Ray player, computer and my phone to pretty much watch anything I want. I suggest hooking up a surround system to the projector since it doesn’t include speakers. That would be the only bummer.

However, once you hook up speakers get ready to enjoy your home theater and invite friends over for the game, movies, to see pictures and more. You will enjoy bright and colorful images up to 300 inches and watch unbelievable 2D and 3D movies, sporting events and more in full HD 1080p. The Epson Home Cinema 3000 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector is easy to set up in any room and is equipped with horizontal and vertical lens shift, to help configure projector setup.


On the technical side, the Home Cinema 3000’s three-chip LCD design gives it two advantages over DLP-based projectors. It doesn’t show the rainbow artifacts (red-green-blue flashes) that DLP models tend to show, and it ensures that the projector’s white brightness and color brightness match. The matching levels mean you don’t have to worry about differences between the two potentially affecting color quality.

The lensing system counts as another plus. The Epson Home Cinema 3000 projector offers a 1.6X zoom, which gives you more flexibility than with most models for how far you can put the projector from the screen for a given size image. Even more helpful, and less common, is its vertical and horizontal lens shift, which lets you move the image without moving the projector and without tilting or swiveling it, which would turn the rectangular image into a trapezoid.

Epson Home Theater Projector
What you can hook up and not hear

The image inputs include VGA and composite video ports, a component video port with three RCA connectors, two HDMI ports, and a USB Type A port for reading files from USB memory devices or connecting an optional Wi-Fi dongle. Both HDMI ports support 3D using video sources like a Blu-ray player or a cable or FiOS box.

As I mentioned above, the projector has no speakers in the Home Cinema 3000, so you obviously need an external sound system. There’s no audio output, which means you have to bypass it entirely for sound, with no way to switch the audio source automatically when you switch video sources.

So, if you already own an external sound system and are looking for a reasonably priced projector with great images that allow you to watch 2D and 3D material, be sure to consider the Epson Home Cinema 3000. For $1299 you can pick one up at epson.com.

Epson Home Cinema 3000