NextDesk Power Adjustable Desks: Pulse, Air Pro, Terra Pro

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nextdesk-air-and-air-pro-adjustable-deskNextDesk Power Adjustable Desks: Pulse, Air Pro, Terra Pro. Spending loads of time behind the keys might be productive for your career but counter-productive to your health. The NextDesk company makes some of the nicest power adjustable desks available on the market today. Modern looks, adjustable height desktops, fully customizable that will even allow your PC or Mac sync, record and analyze personal stats in real-time.

The NextDesk Pulse features Mac and Windows connectivity and will auto-sync seamlessly with any PC or MAC computer. Proprietary software drives the experience providing you with on-screen information along with the ability to raise and lower the table periodically and automatically so you aren’t sitting dormant at the keyboard.


You are able to track things like desk height, sit/stand transitions, time spent standing, calories burned and even export data to excel spreadsheets.


The NextDesk Terra Pro features a solid Bamboo Top for that beautiful finished real wood feel. The NextDesk Air Pro comes with a solid Aluminum Top with a thin layer of Tempered Glass for a sleek modern look.

Running down the center length-wise is a thoughtfully placed foot rest for either sitting or standing postures. Located along the edge near the corner are the programmable button controls. The rest of the mechanics reside inside the telescoping table legs but runs on a metal chain and cog system for solid reliable mechanical performance.

Both are built on a solid aluminum frame and feature 4 lifting columns for a combined capacity of 630lbs+ lifting the table. The minimum standing height is 24 inches while the max is 50.5 inches. The standard tables measure 63.5 inches by 31.5 inches with an extended version available that measures 79in x 31.5in. The Terra and Air offer the same standard and extended dimensions with just 2 telescoping legs instead of 4, for a combined lifting power of 315+ lbs.


Additional options include an ergonomic keyboard, vanity cover, power management module, connect PC mount, monitor arm. Want music how about an optional Harmon Kardon system. Want to work out some cardio while you stare at your computer screen, how about a NextDesk Fit Treadmill System?

The ergonomic NextDesk Pulse smartdesk, Terra Pro and Air Pro combine great looks with great mechanics to make one of the best adjustable desk solutions on the market. The NextDesks are beautifully constructed and allow you to keep your health in mind when you’re pecking away at the keys and/or adjust for multiple users.

Find out more about the NextDesk Pulse, Terra Pro, Air Pro

visit www.nextdesks.com


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