John Varvatos Dark Rebel Fragrance

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Dark Rebel, the newest addition to the John Varvatos fragrance portfolio is now available at fine retailers nationwide. This musky but sweet cologne channels the primal, visceral spirit that stirs in all of us, and awakens our senses to all we cannot see. From darkness, comes light with the new John Varvatos Dark Rebel fragrance.

The fragrance is inspired by risk-taking and a rebellious attitude, Dark Rebel is distinct and pure edge: tough, intoxicating, and totally uninhibited.

“Dark Rebel is the bad boy of our fragrance collection, and it’s the perfect compliment for the inner darkness within each of us,” said John Varvatos. “Its DNA exudes a timeless style and fearless attitude. The rich, masculine scent is alluring in its deviation; tough, rebellious, and unlike any fragrance you’ve experienced before. I like to think of Dark Rebel as the perfect rock song; it pulls you in with what you know, and then takes you to a whole new level.”

Joey Morrow, Josh Katz, Alex Espiritu, Badflower, (Performance)

That is why last night John Varvatos celebrated the launch of the new fragrance at Berlin in New York City along with Rock & Roll band, Badflower. The crowd was insane and beautiful, however the band did pull the crowd in and took them to another level with their sound and bad ass music.

Dark Rebel surprises with its aroma: a mixture of familiar woodsy scents and unexpected sharpness and the unparalleled craftsmanship indicative of the John Varvatos brand. The fragrance contains hints of Jamaican Rum, black leather, and the exotic dragon skull flower accord, which all blend together to give the fragrance its wild edge. Nutmeg essence provides a note of sweetness, while black pepper gives it some bite. This juxtaposition works well to encapsulate the fragrance’s sense of moody restlessness.

JOHN VARVATOS Dark Rebel-mosphere

JOHN VARVATOS Dark Rebel-mosphere

Pick up your John Varvatos Dark Rebel, Eau de Toilette (4.2 fl. oz. 125ml) $86, Available at Nordstrom.com

Photos by: Kelly Taub, BFA