Handmade Luxury Leather Weekender from Saintly Bags

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This handmade luxury leather weekender called the Weekend Fling from Saintly Bags is an instant classic and a beautiful representation of Americana circa WWII that will remain a timeless fashion piece for years and years to come. It’s handmade and crafted with impeccable quality locally right here in NYC!


The Weekend Fling is dressed in a Florentine leather exterior that shines with character. Unzip the bag to reveal the American flag printed canvas lining that contrasts so nicely against the premium leather. The entry ways are equipped with large-toothed sturdy zippers that give you smooth, solid movements every time.


The Leather Weekender bag doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also very functional as it features a durable canvas lining with 2 larger and 3 smaller sectional pockets on its’ interior walls; Accessible from the exterior of the bag are shoe/laundry pockets located on either side of the bag. An additional full length zipper exposes the side laptop pocket near the top main zipper. On the opposite side as the laptop pocket we find a convenient magnetically closing side pocket with an elegant impression of the Saintly Bags logo on the outside.

The Saintly Luxury Bags are fully customizable right down to the zipper and hardware without making the process too complex or mysterious. Most any combination will look good, it’s just a matter of your taste and needs. You can go manual and choose your own everything or use their bag builder to get suggestions. You can even monogram your leather handle with up to 4 letters.

The ‘Weekend Fling’ bag has a smaller brother named the ‘One Night Stand’ which is slightly more compact at 18.5″l x 10.25″w x 11.25″h. The ONS holds about 72% of the internal space of the Weekend Fling at 21″l x 11″w x 12.5″h.


Available in Florentine, Longhorn or Bison leather, each leather exhibits different characteristics and colors to suite your personal taste. You can customize virtually every piece of the bag and create your bag with your desired options a la carte. Color, fabric, hardware, stitching and even choose whether you’d like 1 or 2 shoe pockets or Laptop Pocket. Since the product is completely handmade and customized the process for delivery is generally 4-6 weeks being that they are made to order It’s worth the wait! If you can’t wait, a $100 fee will cut your wait time in half.

The Leather Weekend Fling bag is wonderfully polished, full of character and made with the impeccable quality that can only be found in a handmade product. Celebrate your American Pride everyday including this 4th of July with this great looking and functional piece from Saintly Bags made right here in good ol’ NYC. USA! USA! USA!

Saintly Bags, Weekend Fling bag $950 – $1,195.00


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