Build the Ultimate Poker PC

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I think we can all agree that there have been many technological advances in recent years that have really lent themselves to the game of poker. There have been impressive developments in both online gaming as well as the increasing mobile market, which has led to a number of top level online poker houses expanding their offerings to mobile and tablet device owners. This in turn allowed even more players than ever to download, play and take part in big money games on the go or from the comfort of their very own homes.

But as impressive as these developments are, they are arguably developments to cater mostly for casino amateurs and newbies. They were brought in to increase revenues for online casino sites and to take full advantage of the ever growing market of personal handheld device owners out there. But if you’re a serious online player who’s in it for the serious profits, then you really need some serious playing equipment.

A HD Screen For A HD Hand

A smartphone may have a decent HD screen, built in speakers and some striking graphics, but squinting at a 5.5 inch screen doesn’t exactly scream professionalism. And if you’re looking to improve your overall game-playing experiences and are beginning to compete in some very big and equally important online events and tournaments, then you really need to get your hands on the best gear out there that today’s technology can offer.

Playing your cards on a crystal clear screen helps concentration, giving you a crystal clear idea of your next move. You can monitor – no pun intended – a situation much better, focusing on how an opponent is playing without the need to squint at an old and worn-out display. It’s the first step to being more relaxed on the virtual green felt, and you’ll feel the benefits.

Two HD Screens For A HD Hand


But why have one HD screen when you can have two? Or even three. Or four. In fact you’re not limited in the amount of screens you set up to play the thrilling sport. Multi-tabling is becoming much more prominent these days with top online pros like Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Randy “nanonoko” Lew, and Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra being experts.

Coimbra’s set up has developed greatly over the years and has helped him become one of the top pros at Team PokerStars Online. With three 30-inch screens, he can play over 20 tables at a time, while also maintaining the ability to keep up-to-date with his social media accounts. He does, however, note the importance of a solid CPU in a blog post about his poker set-up.

“The CPU is pretty good, because even running my HUD with a huge database of hands the computer wouldn’t lag with many tables open (20+).”

Give Your Poker Brain A Computer Brain To Boot


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the very brain of your entire computer. It does all the thinking and the calculating and will be crucial to every one of your computer’s processes. If your PC comes tricked out with a Dual core Intel 2.6 gigahertz processor, or above, then running multiple tables will be like taking a stroll in the park for the unit.

Perhaps what’s most necessary is a competent graphics card. It may sound incredibly obvious, but the better the card the better the images, graphics, animations and videos will play through your computer. And online poker sites are abundant with certain elements like this. If you are purchasing a new computer to enhance your experience then you want to be immersed in the game as much as possible. You want the play to be quick, the game to be immediate and the colors and graphics to be as sharp and as vibrant as they can be.

RAM Will Ramp Up Your Play

You can speed that up further by having ample Random Access Memory. Better known as RAM, it’s what gives your PC some real power and oomph. The more memory you have installed on your computer, then the speedier it’ll run.

This will be key when playing those long drawn-out sessions of poker online. Now imagine that you’ll have multiple monitors attached to your new computer in the future. That’s when a decent amount of RAM will go a long way in keeping your machine ticking over, especially when it’s trying to take in all this information and playing out these memory-draining graphics and animations.

Serious gamers will usually pack their PC out with about 4 gigabytes of RAM which is more than enough for a poker amateur looking to pick up the pace of their games and take those extra steps to going pro.
Control Your Cards.


Nowadays accessories are just as important as what’s going on with hardware and software. We’re very much used to racing wheels coming with consoles, and guns to fire away on Point Blank but when it comes to poker, equipment to enhance is relatively new.

The Universal Poker Controller has been a great tool for players for a couple of years now, with features including dedicated check, fold, and call buttons and a Raise-O-Meter, making it much easier than the vast amounts of clicking you have to do.

But even clicking is now a less tedious task thanks to some unbelievable mice dedicated to gaming. RAZER has taken the devices to the next level; their Ouroboros Elite Wireless Dual Tracking Gaming Mouse has 11 buttons and has extreme comfort for those long sessions and tournaments. Having the right controls is essential to anyone serious about online poker.

Sound Out Your Opponents


Like anything that requires skill, music can often be the perfect accompaniment. Six-time WSOP bracelet winner and PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu often sits at the poker table listening to the sound of the ocean, which he describes as “massage music.” But he’s not the only person who has music on at the tables, with dozens and dozens of pros using it to drown out any unwanted background noise.

Of course, you need a pretty good set of headphones to do that. There’s nothing worse than a barking dog when you’re trying to bluff a good hand on the flop, so put a metaphorical muzzle on Buster and take yourself into a stress free environment.
The Bose QuietComfort 25 are some of the best on the market. Cancelling out any background noise, they boast luxurious leather ear cups and quality sound, perfect for listening to the waves or even some high tempo music if you’re focusing on aggressive play.

It all makes up for a pretty incredible gaming machine. The daddy of PCs. Something Batman or MI5 would be proud of. It won’t make you a better poker player, obviously (you’ll need at least a strategy book for that), but knowing you’ve got the best equipment will breed confidence – and that, on the poker table, is invaluable.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on building your machine, and prepare yourself for that investment to come flooding back in the form of well-deserved pots. We’re not bluffing.

Written by Sean Edmundson