Recipe for men

Written by  Marv Valladares
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recipe for men
Spring Cleaning For Your Skin
My favorite skincare line for men – Recipe for Men Launches Facial Scrub

Have you gone skiing many times or this harsh winter weather has you looking a little rough? Recipe for Men’s new Facial Scrub will get rid of that weathered skin for you. Their revitalizing scrub will slough off dead skin leaving you super clean and super touchable. I definitely recommend this scrub and their whole line of products.

Exfoliating microspheres, made up of silica feature smooth edges to prevent irritation, remove grime and dead skin cells. Sebustop, a substance extracted from burnet, ginger and cinnamon, works to reduce oiliness and shrink pores. This unique blend of ingredients works together to gently clear blemishes while keeping skin hydrated. You can pick up a facial scrub for $27.00. I also suggest their under eye patches. These patches will keep you looking young and refreshed, especially after a night out drinking when you are starting to look old and beaten up.


Recipe for men Facial Scrub and Under eye patches


The Recipe for men Under Eye Patches with aqua collagen are focused treatments for the under eye area, resulting in a refreshed and renewed appearance. Intense deep hydration and reduced puffiness are results of the Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery technology that allows the active ingredients, such as high grade marine collagen and algae extracts, to penetrate and hydrate the skin. The ergonomic design allows the patches to adhere to the contours of the under eye and upper cheek bone area, while providing users with the freedom to apply other facial treatments simultaneously.

These are $36, a bit more but worth it.