Luchiano Visconti Defining Individuality for the Modern Man

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Defining individuality for the modern man, the Luchiano Visconti Blazers embody the perfect blend of upscale and casual styled designer sportswear, appropriate for the office to happy hour. Constructed from the finest imported materials across the globe from Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong and are designed with unique details to set you apart from the pack without making you look stiff.


Left ABE104 – Right ABE105

Named with only style numbers the ABE105 and ABE104 jackets are wonderfully casual without looking bummy. The 50% Wool and 50% Poly, 2 button knit sportcoat ABE105 comes with an additional collar that attaches and is removable from the inside edge of the blazer’s collar line. The patterned lining is super soft and feels great when you slide it on.

The 70% Wool and 30% Poly, 2 button melange sportcoat ABE104 is the incarnation of the sweater blazer. Dark charcoal front with a diamond textured knit style back that looks and feels beautiful gives this comfortable blazer that super sweatery feel but again maintains that casual dress look appropriate for the office to the bars.

Both work great with jeans or trousers, dress shirt or sweater and a nice pair of shoes, throw on an overcoat or not and you’re all set. Like the ABE105 the ABE104 has two inside breast pockets, the left monogrammed with an LV crest and at the bottom a single change pocket. Both have outer breast pockets but the ABE105’s waistline pockets are unusable and for show only.

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