Tweezerman GEAR Collection for Men

Written by  Brian Campanelli
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Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for Men. In observance of the month of Movember, we’re here to bring you the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. collection of premium luxury tools for the most discerning gentleman.

Manscaping is a necessary duty and unless you want that unibrow to grow back you’d better get tweezing brotha. Tweezerman offers excellent quality tweezers, crafted of stainless steel with matte black finish, precise and made to last you a lifetime.

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Slant Tweezer is hand-filed and angled at 25 degree’s for precision grip and a lifetime of use.
available for $22.00

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Ingrown Hair and Splintertweeze offers near surgical accuracy for removing ingrown hairs, thorns, glass, splinters embedded just under the skin.
available for $20.00

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Multi-Use Nail Tool is a 3 in 1 tool to keep your nails neat and tidy. It combines a cuticle pusher with nail cleaner and nickel abrader for filing your nails.
available for $12.00

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Mini Hangnail Sqeeze & Snip is a easy grip, super sharp stainless steel precision cutter for hangnails and trimming your cuticles.
available for $12.00


2-Sided Pumice Stone is made of 100% siliglass and offers a coarse side to remove hard callused skin on your feet and a side to smooth and soften after exfoliation. Siliglass on a rope.
available for $8.00

Tweezerman GEAR Collection for men

Facial Hair Scissors are made of stainless steel with rounded tips are a friendly way to trim up your beard, nose and ear hair without worrying about snaging parts of your face.
available for $17.00

Check out more of the Tweezerman G.E.A.R Collection for men and a complete range of products to keep you groomed from head to toe.

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