Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System Review

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Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System Review. If you’re looking for the best way to hang your hammock either at home or out on in the field the Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System from ENO is absolutely the easiest way to hang your hammock, even at longer distances. They come in a pair and each length is 13.5 ft long with 20 loops giving you plenty of adjustment points to get your hang just right.

All you need are a pair of carabiners and the Atlas XL attached to your hammock harnesses to get you up and hanging in just a min or two. Excellent for camping, hiking or hunting, even pulling over on your canoe trip to grab a quick rest and no other hammock strap makes it this easy and quick to set up shop. If you have more of a traditional hammock set up where you are using a pair of descender rings you can still benefit, even eliminate them if you prefer and allows you just that much more versatility when setting up your hammock.


Atlas XL Specs

The Atlas XL Hammock Straps are made of a Poly-Filament webbing are much thinner than I had envisioned, measuring a width of only 1 inch so they are super easy to wrap around whatever you need to strap to; branch, tree trunk, pole etc.; Extremely handy when nature won’t quite cooperate and you need a little more length.

The Atlas XL comes in two 13.5FT long lengths and weighs just over 1lb. They are rated for 200lbs each for a total capacity of 400lbs. The original Atlas Hammock Suspension System measures 9Ft, the Atlas XL version extends that reach by an extra 54 inches in length and provides 10 extra loops over the original Atlas. One end is fashioned with a single loop, while the other end stacks 19 loops end to end so you have plenty of fine tuning ability with your hanging height.


Atlas XL Usage and Care

I’m not noticing any stretching on the Atlas XL’s, which can be pretty annoying. Waking up on the ground after an hour is not fun. The Atlas XL’s were super easy to use and very convenient to pack away and carry.

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The Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System was designed for use with ENO hammocks, we used a custom made hammock as well as an ENO Double Nest Hammock with Insect Shield, but they will work with most any setup. You can wrap one end around the tree, looping through and on the hammock end clip your carabiner directly onto one of the loops or bring the Atlas XL through your hammock harness loop and attach the Atlas XL to itself with your biner.

Atlas XL Hammock Strap Suspension System Review
They are tree friendly, but the trees might not always be that friendly back. Try and keep the stress point to a minimum by angling the end loop around the tree so it’s holding the main line in place. vs looping the strap around so that the main line tugs on the end loop and do your best to keep it flat and work with the angle when possible. I prefer to loop over a branch when available, but you can simply wrap around the trunk of a tree and cinch the Atlas XL in place while you go and tie off the other side.

You don’t really need to worry about durability, the Atlas XL Straps are sturdy yet offer some movement with the poly-filament webbing material, so they will self heal to a degree. But I like to stay away from knots and points that can start to wear away at the strap in order to extend the life of the product.

They come with a nice little nylon carry case with draw string. Taking the time to roll them into a neat roll the way they are shipped to you is probably a good idea for your sanity and for packing size. Spin the end of the straps that have the consecutive loops into a small roll and roll her up keeping the loops to the outside of the roll, stack the two rolls side by side and you’ll always have a nice little package ready to go.


The Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System is an absolute must have for any hammock lovers and I couldn’t recommend a product more. It gives you super easy tree friendly setup, extended length for those times the distance of your uprights isn’t close enough and saves you from purchasing additional items.

Atlas XL Hammock Suspension System available for $39.99


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