How not to get Catfished Nev Schulman with Larry King

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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‘Catfish’ Star Nev Schulman Schools Larry King on How to Avoid Getting Catfished

Are we a society of screen addicts? “Catfish” star and internet darling Nev Schulman sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to shed light on why our digital lives could be making us less empathetic and the trouble with forging relationships online. Plus, Nev’s case for connecting in real life.

MTV’s “Catfish” star Nev Schulman explained to Larry King that the time we spend online is affecting our ability to meaningfully connect with each other “When we curate our emotions based on what’s easy for us, we lose touch with the ability to connect with people who are going through something difficult” he said.

The ‘In Real Life’ author talked about his thought process before sharing something online, “Whenever I’m in a situation that I’m excited about, I say to myself ‘Why do you need to take a picture of this? Why do you need to share this with other people, instead of just being here, being present, and really taking it in for yourself?’” Nev also shared some telltale signs with Larry King on whether or not someone may be digitally lying to you, and the crossover between catfish and scam artists.

The “Catfish” host finished his interview with Larry King by answering social media questions from some of his biggest fans, including the worst catfish he’s encountered and whether he’d recommend digital dating to his one-day children. See the entire interview below.


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