DLink Home Wireless Security Ad Hoc system

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DLink Home Wireless Security Ad Hoc system. There are a lot of home security systems on the market today, which can run you into the thousands. DLink offers an array of home security and home automation hardware useable Ad Hoc at a lower price. The DIR 880L Wireless AC Router, DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera, DCS-5222L Cloud Camera 5000, DCS-825L WiFi Baby Camera and DSP-W215 Wi-Fi Smart Plug are great to use together or individually.

Whether you’re automating your home for when you travel, monitoring your home for security or adding some everyday conveniences DLink offers some excellent functionality and easy set up bundled in a nice price. When you consider a home security system, the price and convenience of building an Ad Hoc system at your own time frame is extremely helpful not only in saving you money but also allows you to purchase only what you need.


Performance can be hindered by a slow network. You want to make sure that your home network is as fast as it can be to speed up remote access and control. If you are looking to replace your home router and speed up your network, check out the DLink DIR 880L Dual-Band AC1900 Gigabit Cloud Router. The DIR-880L features Dual-Band AC1900 wireless speeds for an affordable price.

The DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera from Dlink gives you excellent fixed focal length 720HD video for clear images. It also features built-in motion detection and night vision up to 15 feet in complete darkness. The DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera is IP65 weatherproof for outdoor exposure to the elements and local recording to a microSD card.

The camera works very well, we are able to monitor video and review recorded video remotely from a PC or Android device. The ability to chime in at any time to view live video of a particular location is a nice feature. You can also review video that has been recorded in 30 second clips when triggered by the motion sensor; you can even define custom areas to monitor for movement and set the sensitivity of movement so you get more accurate video of what happened instead of lots of dead time.

If you’re looking for an indoor cam, check out the DCS-5222L Cloud Camera 5000, Pan/Tilt HD Day & Night Network Camera. The DCS-5222L Cloud Camera 5000 offers you up to 26 feet of night vision in complete darkness with the added ability to pan and tilt your camera for maximum coverage of your dwelling. Works great for larger rooms, central atrium locations and office areas where there is a need to be able to view areas otherwise not accessible by a fixed position camera.

Have little ones? DLink’s DCS-825L WiFi Baby Camera is probably the best baby camera I’ve ever used. Essentially a network web cam, the DCS-825L features 720p video with sound and motion detection that can be set up to send you chimes and on screen alerts. You won’t find any lame LCD remote that looks and performs like garbage here. The DCS-825L offers a free app that you can use to check in on live video from anywhere you have an internet connection on either Android or iOS. Two way audio gives you the ability to communicate little messages to your young ones and even has 5 built-in lullabies to choose from. Very convenient to leave running on a tablet while the kids play or take a nap while you cook them lunch or dinner. A built-in temperature sensor with the app allows you to set a range of acceptable temperature for the room before it alerts you.


Going away? Check out the DSP W215 WiFi Smart Plug. There’s nothing foolproof but anything to persuade intruders that you’re still home is a good thing and could help deter any would-be thieves looking for an opportunity. The DSP-W215 WiFi SmartPlug allows you to turn devices on/off remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC anywhere you have an internet connection. Schedule times for your devices and administer them remotely. The SmartPlug even features Thermal protection to detect any overheating and automatically shut off at signs of trouble and Energy Usage stats so you can view actual power consumption of the end device.

You can register all your devices with mydlink.com so you can access all your devices from one screen.  You can purchase only what you need and remotely monitor your home and even remote administer your devices from anywhere you have an internet connection. DLink offers excellent excellent versatility and functionality for a Home Wireless Security Ad Hoc system and keeps it affordable. You buy it when you need it.

DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera available for $179.99
DCS-5222L Cloud Camera 5000 available for $159.99
DCS-825L WiFi Baby Camera available for $179.99
DSP-W215 Wi-Fi Smart Plug available for $49.99

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