Barrington Single Watch Winder Review

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Barrington Single Watch Winder Review. It can be quite tiresome over a lifetime to find that you’re favorite watch is dead and needs the battery replaced. At this point you probably have a few and at least one is automatic which depending on your reserve time, you probably find dead quite often. If you’re looking for a classy yet affordable watch winder to keep your automatic timepiece with power, check out the Barrington Watch Winder.

The Barrington Single Winder is built solid and is fairly heavy and polished for that refined classy look. The operating is simple and ultra-quiet so you won’t be annoyed by any constant humming or whining in the background. They come in various colors and look great in multiples to enhance your bedroom or office.


The Single Winder features multiple rotation settings, clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating with TPD Turns Per Day settings at 650, 750, 850 or 1,000 to handle winding most any watch weight and illuminates an LED when is active and rotating. The movement is smooth and gentle protecting against any over winding of the watch.


On the rear of the Single Winder we find the battery compartment, AC wall adapter plug and two classic dials mounted to a shiny polished metal plate. The left dial adjusts the rotational direction; Clockwise, Anti-clockwise or Alternating while the right dial dictates the TPD setting.

The Single Winder will rotate initially for 1 minute, then pause according to your settings, and then on again for 1 minute repeating for 12 hours then resting for 12 hours. Setting the rotating 1/3 of the way the winder will alternate clockwise and then counter clockwise after each pause allowing for a gentle, balanced rotation for your favorite watch.

The Barrington Single Watch Winder measures 11cm x 11cm x 15cm and is available in shiny black, yellow, blue, red, white, amber and green. The unit comes with an AC wall adapter and British 3pin power adapter or European or US available on request) and also can operate on two AA batteries in case you’re sans an outlet for any period of time.

Barrington Single Watch Winder Review
The Barrington Single Winder is not only a reliable winder, it also adds a touch of class to any surrounding living space or office without breaking the bank. Barrington Watch Winders also available in programmable  2, 4, 6 or 12 capacity varieties.

Available for £99.00 or about $160.00
from www.barringtonwatchwinders.com


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