Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror by Simple Human Review

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Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror by Simple Human Review. The stainless steel Sensor Mirror from Simple Human will automatically sense your presence and light up for you when you’re near and turn itself off when you walk away. It’s clutter free without any wires, provides 600 lux of lighting and is finished in brushed stainless steel for that upscale feel and modern polish.

The high intensity surgical-grade LED lighting along with 5x magnification will illuminate the tinyist of details in your face. The Sensor Mirror emits 600 lux at a color rendering index of CRI 90 with it’s surgical-grade LEDs and micro-reflectors to give you smooth consistent natural lighting. The LEDs utilize their tru-lux light system to closely simulate natural sunlight to give you a color accurate viewing experience.


The unit measures 4.7″ D x 9.1″ W x 15.1″ H and weighs about 6.8 lbs so it’s got some fair stability to it, I wouldn’t call this top heavy by any means but it will tip over if you bump into it too hard. Best to keep your base clear from debris but it’s very convenient to be able to move from table to table or room to room.

The Sensor Mirror does what it says it does. The mirror lights up every time within relatively close proximity and shuts off confidently shuts itself off when you walk away within about 4 seconds. The distance to trigger the motion sensor is about 8 inches but then extends it’s range to up to about 10 inches to stay lit so you can figit around a little and adjust your position. We did not experience much issue with it turning on inadvertently although it did happen occasionally. The Sensor Mirror uses surgical-grade LED lighting so some of you might feel like you’re under the light at the doctor’s table or dentist chair with it’s intensity. The light can be a bit abrupt say at 5 am first thing when you’re not expecting it.


The mirror will tilt from 90 degrees straight forward to what looks to be about 150 degrees backward and also raises to extend the height and add about 3 inches which should allow you to easily use the mirror standing or sitting.

Super energy efficient and rechargeable via the micro USB port on the rear of the unit, the ring near the base of the unit will illuminate; pulse when charging, go solid green when charged and glow red when the unit requires a recharge. There’s also a on/off button located on the base of the unit for when you’re in transport. The Sensor Mirror is powered by an onboard lithium-ion battery that will last you about 5 weeks on a single charge. In our testing we did not get quite 5 weeks of use, more like 3.5 weeks but your mileage may vary.


You have no cords or batteries or bulbs to replace. The LEDs are tested and certified to run more than 40k hours, that’s about an hour a day for 100 years! It comes with a 5 year warranty and looks great in both a residential home as well as a professional hair salon.

Stainless-Steel-Sensor-Mirror-micro-usb-charge-portOur first unit died on us after the initial 3.5 weeks. Operation was flawless until it wouldn’t work. The ring at the base should glow red when a charge is needed but ours never did. We plugged in for a recharge and it just wouldn’t take the charge. Disappointing, but a call over to Customer Service and we had another unit shipped to us. The new unit seems fine and has not exhibited the same problem. We’ll let you know if it does.

The stainless steel sensor mirror from Simple Human lives up to expectations and another cool home improvement gadget to include in your life. The user experience is excellent and comes with a 5 year warranty. I highly recommend the Sensor Mirror for it’s modern aesthetics, functionality and portability. Simple Human hits it on the head on all fronts with the Sensor Mirror.

Sensor Mirror is available for $200 with free shipping
from SimpleHuman.com

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