Pepcom Digital Experience at the Metropolitan Pavilion

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Just before CE Week NYC, June 19th, the Metropolitan Pavilion hosted Pepcom’s Digital Experience. An invite only press technology event featuring some of the top brands in the gadget and tech world along with some of the latest, greatest gear and technology to the East Coast.

This year’s line up included well known tech companies like D-Link, Cobra, Garmin, Honeywell, Kingston, Nikon, Intel, Lenovo, Roku, Logitech, Samsung and Western Digital just to name a few.

An unexpected highlight to the evening comes from LEGO. If you’ve ever played a LEGO game you know they are pretty fun and have taken the game play and physical buiding blocks to create a truly interactive experience. Think Tron when he gets digitized into the virtual world. The LEGO Fusion collection comes in 4 different kits, Town Master, Battle Towers, Create & Race, Resort Designer. The kits comes with more than 200 bricks and elements along with a ‘Capture Plate’ to build your objects on. Once you’ve built say a car or a building facade, or castle stronghold tower etc, you can then take your iOS or Android device and snap a picture of it using the free LEGO app. The app will then import whatever you built, into your respective game and you can then interact with it! Works quite well and the gameplay is fun!.

Another ray of sunshine came from Korus with their Wireless Audio Line of Speakers the M20, V400 and V600 Premium wireless speaker systems. Featuring a combined WiFi and Bluetooth protocol standard with SKAA audio technology.  Using a hardware dongle that you can easily attach to your source devices or even your PC in USB form, the Korus system is super stabile, can remember up to 10 different Baton’s or hardware dongles and can stream up to 4 Korus speakers simultaneously. The Korus system gives excellent robust sound quality with surefire reliability in connection making disconnects a thing of the past.


Huawei (pronounced WaaWay) showed up to show off their beautiful 6.1 inch IPS screen with Gorilla Glass 3 Android Smartphone. It features a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP wide angle lens front, full 1080p HD video and playback with DTS sound. Armed with a Qualcomm Quad Cortex A7 1.6Ghz processor and a 3900mAh battery, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G is carrier unlocked for use on any GSM network worldwide.

Additional product showcasing included; Kodak back with their new SL10 and SL 25 Smart Lens for iPhone & Android, Western Digital Showed off it’s WDTV and My Cloud EX2/EX4 NAS Drive external raid system, Iridium unveiling their new GO! portable personal cell tower, Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV 2, Honeywell and the new Lyric Thermostat, Samsung 1TB SSDs and Laptops, Kingston personal Media Streamer 2, Garmin VIRB Elite HD Action Cam and much more.

Pepcom Digital Experience at the Metropolitan Pavilion


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