URWERK unveils UR-105M Iron Knight, Black Knight

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URWERK unveils the UR-105M Iron Knight and Black Knight

URWERK unveils UR-105M Iron Knight, Black Knight

The UR-105M Iron Knight and Black Knight are the latest additions to the masterfully engineered Men’s luxury watches by URWERK. Modeled to reflect the essence of the medieval shield and armor, the designs are insanely unique and wonderfully technical.

UR-105M Iron Knight and Black Knight

Both the UR-105Ms are constructed with a beautiful titanium case with steel bezel and anti-reflective Sapphire crystal tied to a sophisticated black leather wristband, while the Black Knight variation offers AITin-treated steel bezel.

URWERK UR-105M Iron Knight
The UR-105M features forged aluminum satellites that orbit the center of it’s display over the 60 minute scale. Highlighting the wandering hour, each of the satellites is suspended under a circular PEEK or PolyEtherEthercetone canopy.

UR-105M angle view

Once the hour has elapsed, the satellite – guided by a Geneva cross – rotates and continues around its orbit for another three hours before returning to the center stage. Running seconds and power reserve are displayed laterally on the caseband.

UR-105M Rear view, Control Board
At the rear of the watch we find the signature “Control Board”, characteristic of URWERK’s timepieces which offers additional info and functionality such as it’s 42-hour power reserve indicator and ‘Oil Change’ indicator alerting when it is time for a service as well as a timing regulation screw allowing fine tuning of the rate.



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