Power Pot V Review, Cooking Up Power

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Power Pot V Review, Lid/Cover/Bowl

Power Pot V Review, Cooking Up Power

Portable or backup power and power generation is a big game now with all of the mobile devices out there. We all take some sort of device with us, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, handheld GPS or other gadgets… The PowerPot V by Power Practical utilizes thermoelectric modules located in the base of the Pot to generate electricity, literally cooking up power for your devices.

Power Pot V Review, Practical or Power Meter
Solar power is great when it’s left working in the background, while you’re hiking, fishing, camping, but waiting for the solar panel can take all day depending on the intensity of the sun and that’s IF mother nature wants to cooperate with you. What if you need power now? The Power Pot V is a great alternative to a solar power generator. It’s equipped with a heat resistant wire and plug that you can attach your portable battery or devices directly to for on demand charging within a couple minutes.

Power Pot V Review, How it works

How it works

The Power Pot V utilizes temperature differences and converts that into electricity. The thermoelectric generators inside recognize the differences in temperature from the flame vs the water inside of the pot. The greater the difference between hot and cold the greater the power output. It is able to generate power up to 5v at 1.0A output or 5 watts.

Power Pot V Review, Add water

It’s important to note that the Power Pot V itself should be utilized only with water. The water will act as a natural heatsink keeping the unit from overheating and don’t forget it’s on the fire.

It works and works quite well for on demand power when you’re out in the field. Optimally you can bring a pot of water to a boil, use that for coffee or food and replace the water with cold water, repeating the process to get the most out of your time. The electricity is generated with the difference in temp, so insert cold water, add hot flame, repeat. When you’re done, keep some water inside and let it cool down off the flame, wipe clean and fold for storage.

Power Pot V Review, Cooking Up Power

What’s in the box

The Power Pot V comes with the base unit thermoelectric generator, a cover that doubles as a bowl or frying pan, Power indicator, USB charge cord with tips for iphone, micro and mini USB along with a mesh cinch sack for neat storage. Different bundles are available if you require a portable camp stove or quick charge cable.

The built-in “Practical Meter” is a power indicator displaying a bar for each of the potential 5Watts of power output so you can get some visual feedback about the results you are getting from your heat source.

It is fashioned with handles contoured to wrap around the pot’s base and includes a cover that doubles as a bowl or fying pan. The two sections are pulled away from the bowl, settling into one another (while keeping the cord away from the body) to create the handle, then neatly tuck away for storage like traditional camp cooking gear. The body of the PowerPot is constructed of hard-anodized aluminum and components sealed inside a water-tight RTV silicone at the bottom.

The PowerPot is rated to 300 degrees Celsius and comes with 2.5-feet of high-temperature, self-extinguishing cable.

Power Pot V Review, Using the Power Pot V


Using a controlled flame source such as a wood burning stove, portable butane stove, propane camp stove in order to get consistent heat applied to the center of the Power Pot. Keeping the flame focused as much as possible towards the center of the pot will achieve optimal results. Trying to utilize this on an open campfire flame is somewhat difficult. The fire’s intensity will shift and move with the wind blowing, stoking the fire or adding wood etc. so you may not be able to get 5Watts output consistently.

Power Pot V Review, Bottom view
Be careful not to engulf the Power Pot in flames and again make sure to always have water in it when heating. The unit will destroy itself if left without water. I recommend carrying a portable battery backup pack like Power Practical’s Lithium 4400mAh. That way if there is ever a problem you won’t destroy your mobile device. The Lithium 4400 can charge both in and out at 1A and it has a convenient built-in lantern with 4 LED lights or 3 dim on the low setting. You can store up some charge for later use or even charge your mobile device at the same time charge the Lithium 4400 from the Power Pot.

I’m not sure I’m crazy about the handles, perhaps in the future there will be something more secure but it does the job. If the water boils off and you forget to add more, the device will destroy itself. The sealant on the bottom and the very nature of the cord coming up a conduit and off to the side can seem somewhat homebrew and hope to see a more polished design in the future.


The Power Pot works great and gives you excellent results. It will work off of any controlled heat source like a portable butane stove, propane camping stove, wood burning stove, or  even a camp fire. There are no moving parts to break and it comes with a lid that doubles as a bowl or pan. Campers and backpackers alike will appreciate generating power simultaneously while cooking and/or purifying water. The Power Pot V is an excellent addition to your survival gear or camping gear and you won’t have to wait all day for power like a solar power pack.

Power Pot V and Lithium 4400 Battery Bank from thepowerpot.com
available for $149.00 and $59.00


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