Blackfire IPX7 Waterproof LED Clamplight Review

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We all know how difficult it can be trying to prop up a flashlight when your out camping, boating, fishing or even just trying to fix something out in the garage; maybe your trying to clean up that spaghetti mess of wires you have running under your desk. The Waterproof LED Clamplight from Blackfire is the perfect little light to keep handy, it’s convenient for almost anything.

This general purpose LED flashlight comes attached to a clamp mount. The lamp segment is hinged so you can angle what looks to be about 140 degrees and platform also rotates around 360 degrees for virtually any angle. The light also operates straightened out so you can grasp it like a normal flashlight comfortably.

The rubberized coating offers excellent grip and ample light to see what your doing whatever your working on or playing with. Drop tested from 20 feet for durability and meets IPX7 international waterproof standard. The Blackfire Waterproof LED Clamplight offers a fixed focal length light in 3 modes; High at 190 lumens, Low at 90 lumens and a Strobe setting. Battery life on 3x AAA batteries gives you 10hrs on Low and about 1hr 1hr 45 min on High.

The clamp is padded with rubber in the grips. You can also lock the clamp in an open position and rotate the light to the primary part of the handle and have it stand on it’s own. It’s not super stabile but will stand on it’s own if it can be left undisturbed. Mostly in this position, for balance sake, you can only pivot the light up and down, rotating it will most likely knock it over. For optimal results, clamp it to something.

The IPX7 Waterproof LED Clamplight from Blackfire is an excellent little light to carry with you for work or play. The rotating platform, hinged LED lamp and clamp offer great versatility while giving to up 190 lumens of CREE brilliant bright LED light to see what your doing.

Waterproof LED Clamplight from Blackfire-usa.com
available for $34.95


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