Luxury Menswear Robert Talbott

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Robert Talbott

This romantic weekend put some thought into your outfit while taking out your sweetheart. Valentine’s Day is here and it is time to dress up and stand proud with an outfit we guaranteed will have you looking your best. This outfit we put together comes from Robert Talbott. They have everything you need in fine clothing from woven shirts, sport coats, trousers and outerwear.

Robert Talbott is a luxury menswear line using the finest materials available, and they meticulously guard the integrity of the materials and the design throughout their production, all to create an impeccable piece of clothing that you can enjoy for years.

Their selection of choice materials serves as the canvas for their creative process. Beginning with the finest fabric from the most esteemed weaving mills in Europe, Australian mother of pearl buttons, exquisite silk from Europe and Asia, and long staple, Egyptian cotton yarns, their designs are enhanced by the inherent superiority of their materials.

Below are some pieces that I own, which are perfect for you to wear this Valentine weekend. Every time I wear my navy SHASTA Jacket, I notice the details that went into making this jacket. I always appreciate when a designer looks at every single feature in a garment when designing and producing any garment.

See the few pieces below to make up your romantic outfit this weekend or go to roberttalbott.com to see more.


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