XSories TriFold Pro Mini tripod and UShot Pro review

Written by  Pinstripe Writer
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XSories TriFold Pro Mini tripod and UShot Pro review

I found my new favorite mini-tripod and it’s the TriFold Pro by XSories. The TriFold Pro is a super sturdy versatile mini-tripod for on the go shooting as well as product photography. I love the build quality on the XSories products, it feels well made and solid. After all what’s a tripod if it’s not sturdy and stabile.

The TriFold Pro allows you to shoot at a max height of 41cm down to 12cm giving you some good range. The three legs lock in multiple angles and extend a total of 4 segments. What’s nice is that each segment is just a quarter turn to lock so it’s super easy to extend and lock just the section you want, great for fine tuning your footprint.

A quick release plate and mechanism allow you to move your device on and off with quickness and convenience, along with a strong Ball head to give you the best performance and hold on angles.

The TriFold Pro weighs 670g and has a max camera weight of 2kg. With the footprint securely set on a stabile platform, I am confidently able to hang my D90 with 18-108mm lens and SB-900 speedflash roughly a 45 degree angle without a problem.

An included pouch includes a strap and doubles as a stabilizer. You can extend one leg of the TriFold Pro and place it in a pouch, (not unlike a flag carries harness) to stabilize your camera for video or just to steady your shot in different situations or as a body mount. You can also screw your U-Shot Pro into the TriFold Pro to extend your height to a combined 137cm.


UShot Pro review

The UShot Pro is a light carbon telescopic extendable tube. It has a standard camera mount screw on the end and measures 35cm and extends to 96cm in 4 sections or segments, each with a twisting lock. Concerts, surfing, sking, skating…

The bottom has a universal screw thread to allow for a cord cam leash; you don’t want someone to just snatch your nice camera do you? It will allow for up to a maximum of 3kg of camera weight but is great to use with a high definition camera like the GoPro HERO 3 or other compact sized camera when using it as a wand to extend your reach.

The UShot is a great companion for the TriFold Pro allowing you to extend your height on the tripod as well as your reach from your arm. It also works great as a beat down stick when your in the photographers pit!  You can use it as a wand to extend your camera coverage and angles. If I had a complaint, it would only be that I wish it has some sort of flat edge somewhere, it will tend to roll away from you when placed on a table with no camera attached. It may be best to keep it in the bag until needed.

I highly recommend the TriFold Pro mini-tripod, it’s stabile, strong and well made. You can feel the quality from the moment you start to pick it up. this has to be my favorite mini-tripod. The U-Shot Pro is an excellent companion for your TriFold Pro and a great tool to have in your quiver of camera hardware. Comes with a nice carry bag with shoulder strap for quick easy portability.

The TriFold Pro and UShot Pro are available from xsories.com for $149.99 ea