Outdoor Gear Gift Guide for Guys 2013/2014

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Outdoor Gear Gift Guide for Guys 2013/2014

Whether you’re looking to give a gift or find a gift, we’ve got a little something for you. Check out our Outdoor Gear Gift Guide for Guys 2013/2014 comprised of toys for guys we felt you might like for the holidays. If you’re looking for Gadgets, check out our Gadget Gift Guide for Guys 2013/2014.


Cobra MR HH500 Floating VHF Radio

Do you like to play on the water? Surf? Water Ski? Jet Ski? Sail? The MR HH500 FLT BT is Cobra’s top of the line VHF Floating Radio. The Floating fully waterproof HH500 is JIS7/IPX7 rated submersible for 30 min up to 1 meter deep water and can receive NOAA weather radio and Weather Alerts.  The unit comes equipped with BURP which helps keep your speaker sounding clearer by vibrating the water out of the speaker grill.

A Bluetooth connection enables you to make and receive calls from your handset while your smartphone is safely in your waterproof drypack. The HH500 measures 4.75″ (121.00 mm) x 2.66″ (67.00 mm) x 53mm L 2.09″ (53.00 mm) and weighs 0.59 lbs or 262g with a powerful 6 Watts of power. You can also toggle the wattage to 1,3 or the full 6 watts for short and long range communication. You can also replay VHF radio calls with the Rewind-Say-Again feature.

The bright illuminated LCD screen provides you with plenty of info at a glance like both incoming and outgoing signal strength Scan/Memory Scan channels or even monitor up to 3 channels at once. Comes with a Noise-Canceling Microphone, 1000mAh LiON Polymer rechargeable battery and come with a Locking Desktop Charger, 12V Accessory plug, Replacement Antenna, Spring-loaded belt clip. An Alkaline battery tray or back up LiON rechargeable battery are optional accessories.

Cobra MR HH500 Floating VHF Radio is available for $149.99
from cobra.com

BioLite Campstove USB power generator

If you’re a camper or just like to be prepared, check out the BioLite Campstove USB power generator. Now you can carry a generator with you that fits in your backpack and runs off of twigs! The BioLite Campstove converts heat from the fire into electricity while you’re cooking your food or boiling water. You can place anything smallish, twigs and sticks, pinecones, wood pellets for your fuel. You get a maximum 2W @5V, Peak: 4W @5V of output as long as you keep the fire fueled. It’s able to boil a liter of water in about 5 minutes or so. The heat from the fire provides Biolite’s Patent-pending TEG Thermoelectric Generator to provide power to both the USB port and back to a fan that maximizes the air to and efficiency of the fire.

The Biolite Campstove comes with a Stuff sack, USB Cord for internal battery charging.
The unit measures 8.25″ x 5″ and weighs just 935g or 33oz. Accessories include a Portable Grill and KettlePot.

BioLite Campstove USB power generator is available for $129.99
from Biolitestove.com


SOG PowerDuo Multi-Tool PD02N-CP

If you’re a camper, hunter or outdoorsman type, reliable, sturdy, compact tools are essential when out in the field. The SOG PowerDuo Multi-Tool is a hybrid knife/tool that combines 11 tools; a multi-blade pocketknife with a full size locking blade, screwdrivers, can/bottle openers, tweezers, bottle opener, compound leverage pliers for versatility in a compact form. It even has a Hard wire cutter, The PowerDuo measaures 4.30″ closed/6.20″ open and weighs 6.30oz and 420 stainless steel finished in black oxide. Comes with a a ballistic nylon pouch with belt clip.

SOG PowerDuo Multi-Tool PD02N-CP available for $90.00
from sogknives.com


Carhartt C-Touch Gloves and Force Performance Men’s T-shirts

When you’re outdoors and you need comfort, reliability and performance look to Carhartt’s C-Touch gloves and Men’s Force Performance T-Shirts. It’s no fun taking your gloves off to respond to a text or make a phone call when it’s freezing out, with the Men’s C-Touch gloves, you can still use your touchscreen device with your gloves still on! The one-sided fleece gloves are wind-resistant, equipped with digital grip palm and thumb reinforcements with microfiber lining.

A classic, comfortable, well-made T-Shirt is harder to find that one might think. The Force Performance Cotton T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton FR jersey knit for a super comfortable fit that helps whisk away moisture from your body and like anything else Carhartt, it’s made to last. The performance T weighs 6.75oz with a rib-knit crewneck collar fits well without being constricting.

C-Touch gloves available for $25.00
Force Performance T-shirts available for $62.00
from carhartt.com


Zippo Campfire Carrier and  Hand Warmer

The Zippo hand warmer is a great little stocking stuffer for the outdoor type. Great for camping or at a cold weather tailgating party before a football game, the Zippo Hand Warmer lasts for up to 12 hours and use the standard premium lighter fluid to run. Also comes with a filler cup and warming bag.

Typically one of the first things you do once you set up your tent is to collect firewood and the Zippo Campfire Carrier is a super convenient lightweight tool that will make your life a bit easier when your foraging for wood. Ever rent a slopeside condo and then have to go collect wood for the wood burning stove only to end up with debris all over you? The Zippo campfire carrier is a great way to keep yourself clean and grab some bulk wood for your fire to minize your trips. It measures 22″ x 36″ and has an exterior pocket to store your gloves, lighters or other misc lightweight items. You can even carry your gear with the ballistic nylon campfire carrier and use it as a sling.

Hand Warmer available from zippo.com for $19.95
Campfire Carrier Retails for $24.95, more info available at zippooutdoor.com


Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove

The Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove is both windproof and waterproof with GORE-TEX technology and patented synthetic down to give you the very best in protection against the elements for your hands. The accordion finger design allows for improved dexterity and durability that you search for in an Ultimate Ski Glove.
Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove is available for $175.00
from Marmot.com



Salomon X-Race + Race Plate XX

I’ve always been surrounded by great skiers, which always meant two things, I would always be the worst in the pack and I would always learn while sking with them. Years later, I’ve adopted their philosophy of taking world cup gear and using it for my own leisure skiing. If you’re an aggressive expert skiier I highly recommend it. Salomon gives you one of the smoothest most stabile rides I’ve been on. The X-Race features a Full Woodcore Race construction with active contact mid sandwich construction sidewalls for aggressive and fast on-piste skiing, just the way I like it.

The Powerline TI Active Dampening system provides the absorption you need without sacrificing agility and control. A Double TI Laminate 500 adds rigidity for racing speeds; improves grip and responsiveness edge-to-edge. The Parabolic or hourglass skis are fashioned with an extra short shovel, wide with an SL sidecut tip or Carve Rocker for precision and stability over a larger percentage of the ski when placed on edge. A Semi Twin Tip Tail allows for forgiveness and easier release and control coming out of a turn. The X-Race comes equipped with the Plate XX riser plate which allows for increased turning angles and agility edge-to-edge.  available in 155, 165, 170, 175, 180cm lengths.

Salomon X-Race + Race Plate XX retails for approx $900
More info at salomon.com/us


Spyder Bandit Half Zip Fleece T-Neck

Check out the Men’s Bandit Half Zip from Spyder. The stretch woven fleece Half Zip works great as warmth layer under your ski jacket or even as a mountain biking sweatshirt. Wear it full zip for a turtle neck layer and quickly zip it down to cool off as needed. A zippered chest pocket makes it easy to stash money or other light items. 360 degree stretch Micro Fleece.

Spyder Bandit Half Zip Fleece T-Neck is available for $99 in Black or Grey
from spyder.com


Prince Warrior 100L ESP and Premier 115L ESP Tennis Racquets

The Prince Warrior 100L ESP is an excellent entry level to intermediate racquet geared to make spinning the ball that much easier for non-pro’s. The 14×16 string pattern increases spin while remaining forgiving. The Warrior 100L ESP weighs just 9.6 ounces allowing for agile movement and solid groundstrokes. The Double Bridge dampening system allows for muted response without sacrificing feel and feedback. Geared for the 3.5+ player, the Warrior offers great stability and power with increased spin and precision. Built for a medium-fast swing speed with a 272g swing weight.

The Prince Premier 115L ESP was built for comfort and power and is great for the player looking for a little extra pop. The Double Bridge vibration dampener system allows for a more muted response to racquet shock and string vibration. The Premier weighs just 8.9 ounces and is constructed with a 7 point head heavy balance ensuring solid contact. The 115 square inch head provides a huge sweet spot and ESP Extreme String Pattern increases spin by up to 30% with its open 14×18 string pattern. Built for a slow-medium swing speed with a 282g swing weight.

Prince Warrior 100L ESP $199.00
Prince Premier 115L ESP $219.00
more info at princetennis.com


The North Face MICA FL 2

If hiking is your game and weight is your focus the North Face MICA FL 2 is an ultralight three-season tent that weighs just 2 pounds 8 ounces. The 2 man tent (1 person with gear) has near vertical walls so you can sit straight up. It’s fly is made of super-lightweight, high-tenacity nylon ripstop, 1200 mm PU coating/1500 m PU coating on floor. The MICA FL 2 features a double door (triangular) vestibule that measures approx 10 ft. Color-coded webbing and hubbed poles make for quick setup and easy identification in situations when you need some quick shelter. The MICA FL 2 comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The North Face MICA FL 2 is available for $379.00
from thenorthface.com


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