Tower by Art of Power

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to charge your phone and need to find a socket behind tables, sofas or anything else inconvenient? Have back problems and can’t keep bending over to plug something in? Well, check out this Tower by Art of Power, a convenient technology advanced device designed to make life easier. Perfectly designed for the elderly and for consumers with physical disabilities preventing them from easily reaching down and plugging in their devices into power outlets.

The convenience of the TOWER device is perfect for those lacking the flexibility and strength to easily access the sources of electricity required to power devices into operation. The TOWER is safe and easy to use, and designed to stand within a few inches of the wall in the baseboard of which the power source is located. What’s cool is that you can also connect your usb cord into the Tower, charging your phone or tablet with a USB connection. See the more of the Tower below.

The TOWER will stand between 30” and 36” inches from top to bottom, with an adjustable height geared to the consumer’s comfort, by manually controlling the telescoping mechanism built into the vertical supporting pole.

The TOWER can be made in an unlimited range of designs, styles colors and materials, to adapt to any desired decorative setting.


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