The Art of Shaving – Perfect Holiday Gift for Men

Written by  Marv Valladares
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For centuries, men have been growing and styling their facial hair, whether for the sake of vanity, keeping up with trends or cultural considerations, but with the holidays right around the corner we have some handy tips from The Art of Shaving Master Barbers to help get a head start on shaving your beard to clean nick-free perfection with THE 4 Elements of the PERFECT SHAVE:

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave® provides optimal shaving results while minimizing ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks & cuts through the methodology: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave and Moisturize.

01) Prepare: To soften the beard and protect the skin

• Shave after or during a hot shower, never before. Always use hot water while shaving, it softens the beard, opens pores and cleanses the skin. Before shaving, apply The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil to protect the skin and to soften the beard.

02) Lather Up: For a close & comfortable shave

• Use The Art of Shaving glycerin-based Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap for a close and comfortable shave. For best results, use The Art of Shaving Shaving Brush made of badger hair. It helps generate a warm and rich lather, softens the beard, and lifts the hair from the face.

03) Shave: With a good handle & proper technique

• Always shave with the grain first, i.e. in the direction the hair grows. Shaving against the grain first can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn.

• For an even closer shave, re-lather and shave lightly across or against the grain. Check to see whether the hair on your neck grows in the same direction as the hair on your face. If it doesn’t, make sure you adjust accordingly to shave with the grain.

• Avoid applying too much pressure on the skin because that will cause razor burn and skin irritations – just glide the razor gently over your face.

04) Moisturize To soothe, refresh & regenerate the skin

• After shaving, apply The Art of Shaving alcohol-free, moisturizing After-Shave Balm or After-Shave Gel to refresh the skin.

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave® Full Size Kit retails for $115 and is sold at The Art of Shaving stores and online at theartofshaving.com.

Also if you want to sit back and relax, then go to your local The Art of Shaving store for a Traditional Shave ($35) or Royal Shave ($55). This is a great experience every man should have.

If you need to start preparing for those holiday gifts we suggest THE 4 Elements of the PERFECT SHAVE , which is the perfect package any man would enjoy. Want to spice things up then pick from any of these scents below.


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