T-Mobile Loses International Roaming Fees Starting Oct 31st

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T-Mobile Loses International Roaming Fees Starting Oct 31st

T-Mobile Loses International Roaming Fees Starting Oct 31st

If you’ve ever left the country or travel outside the U.S. on a regular basis, you know how costly international roaming fees can be. Finally a wireless carrier has buckled down and is offering free international data and texts. T-Mobile is losing their roaming fees for Data and Texts outside the country on Oct 31st for Simple Choice Plan users. Voice calls will be 20 cent a minute vs the typical $1 a minute from major carriers currently.

T-Mobile has been making a big push in the US lately and is a popular choice for those who don’t want to succumb to Verizon wireless or AT&T’s rates or high data and text roaming fees for international use. The coverage is stated to include  major countries on every continent except Antarctica, over 100 at this time.

There’s a catch of course, there are tiers. The free roaming plan, included with the Simple Choice Plan, which will be bandwidth enough to perform email, surfing, Facebook type daily common activities/tasks. At $15 a day or $25 a week you can obtain high or higher speed access.

There are some caveats as expected: You will need to spend at least 50% of time in the USA in any 3 month period and consecutive time outside the US at the one rate will need to be less than 6 weeks.

Remember paying by the minute for internet time or domestic cellphone usage when they first came out? Competition is healthy and my hope is that this is one more push for carriers to stop nickel and diming customers and start offering a single rate, unlimited plan for all services globally. Cheers T-Mobile for making the first move!

– tmobile.com


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