Written by  Marv Valladares
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introduces the wireless SOUNDCHUCK speakers. Their name, of course comes from the speakers looking like nunchucks with a silicon cord, which allows you to hang your SOUNDCHUCK anywhere. The sporty weatherproof speakers feature a superior acoustic experience, durable/shock resistant silicone exterior, built in rechargeable battery (6-hour battery life), built in microphone and powerful magnets that hold the 2 speakers when necessary.

After connecting to my new red SOUNDCHUCK wireless via bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone the speakers’ base kicked in. You can hear and feel the bass on the speakers and the treble seems to be automatically set so everything sounds so clear and perfect. They speakers are definitely designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. However, I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t as loud as I would have wanted them to be since the volume doesn’t go up high enough to use at a house party. I think my ears are just use to me blasting music in my car or having speakers stand next to me at a lounge. However, the SOUNDCHUCK is perfect for your personal use, small get together, beach, playing on the court or camping.

When comparing the SOUNDCHUCK to my mini iHome speakers, the SOUNDCHUCK is clear with added base and my iHome is louder but a bit staticky. I’m sure you iPhone users may experience a different sound so it depends if you want loud music or clear music. Pick up your pair of SOUNDCHUCK speakers for $130 and let us know what you think after you have experienced them. The speakers are available at the Apple Stores and Apple Online, and rolling out at other electronic/entertainment stores globally in November 2013.


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