life after denim fall 2013 Video

Written by  Marv Valladares
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The video is an interpretation of life/after/denim as a brand. The evolution from black and white to color signifies their loyalty to classic American design while emphasizing their affinity with contemporary styling. Life/After/Denim believes that good workmanship and smart design never go out of style and that functionality is key. Their objective in the men’s market is not to reinvent the wheel but rather pay homage to their foundations by uniting rich colors, subtle detailing and the finest fabrics with classic silhouettes, all executed with superior craftsmanship in mind.

Life/After/Denim wants to shed light onto the modern day man by transcending age, season and style with minimal effort. The pieces from their fall/holiday collection are a testament to this. A refined aesthetic and dedication to heritage lends modernity and authenticity to each piece, giving life/after/denim clothing a timeless quality that is often attempted but rarely achieved.


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