Urwerk EMC unveiled, the First Mechanical watch with AI

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Urwerk EMC unveiled, the First Mechanical watch with AI

Urwerk EMC unveiled, the First Mechanical watch with AI

If you’re serious about performance, this mechanical beauty from Urwerk is sure to get your gears moving. The Urwerk EMC features an industry first high-end mechanical watch integrated with Artificial Intelligence or AI. The EMC or Electro Mechanical Control enables the wearer to monitor and adjust in a fully interactive interface. Shocks, changes in position as well as temperature can adversely affect what’s known as the Isochronism of the watch. The driving force in creating this unique precision timepiece was to allow the wearer to regulate it’s chronometric performance as conditions change.

The EMC features a deconstructed dial giving 4 indicators. At the upper-left an on demand, precision indicator (instantaneous rate delta δ) ranging from -20 to + 20 seconds per day; upper right is a seconds dial with counter-balanced seconds hand; lower right displays hours and minutes; and on the lower left resides an 80 hour power reserve indicator.

Urwerk EMC back
Turning EMC over reveals the fully in-house movement with the integrated circuit board, the EMC ‘brain’, the top of one of the two mainspring barrels near the crown and the top of the balance wheel and optical sensor on the winding handle side.The Urwerk EMC is a fully mechanical precision men’s watch, developed and crafted in Zurich and calibrated in Geneva.

Urwerk EMC deconstructed

The EMC’s case is constructed of Titanium and steel measuring 43mm wide x 51mm long x 15.8mm in height. The satin shot blasted machine finish is pressure tested to 3 ATM and capped with an anti-reflective coated Sapphire crystal. A two-position crown, Activation button and Winding handle to generate power to the δ precision indicator and crown release and fine tuning screw round up the controls.

A Maxon® generator with manual winding charging super capacitor and an Optical sensor controlled by an integrated circuit board; 16’000’000hz reference oscillator make up the EMC’s AI system.

“Our idea for EMC goes back almost six years and is a natural continuation of my work as a watchmaker,” says Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of URWERK. “Like all watchmakers, I have on my bench a Witschi – an instrument to test the precision of my work. This impartial and uncompromising judge ‘listens’ to the rhythm of the balance and makes a verdict on the performance of the movement by measuring the timing rate, the number of seconds the movement gains or loses in 24 hours. This device is what I always refer back to; you might say it’s my only boss in the atelier!”

– Urwerk.com
Baumgarner & Frei


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