Texas BiblioTech Library contains No Books

Written by  Pinstripe Writer
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Texas BiblioTech Library contains no books

Texas BiblioTech Library contains No Books

On September 14th in Bexar County Texas, the BiblioTech library opened it’s doors to the public featuring a fully digital library. Yes that means there’s no books in there. Not physical ones anyway. The fully electronic library features 10,000 free e-books to the 1.7 million people that live in San Antonio and the rest of the county.

There are 600 e-readers and 48 iMac’s, 10 Macbooks and 40 iPads that patrons can use to browse the BiblioTech library media. You can also use your own device and your library card with a little help from the 3M Cloud Library app to check out books, giving you 14 days to read before expiering.

– bexarbibliotech.org


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