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Back on the Road. So you goofed. The car insurance payment fell between your car seat and console and your policy expired. Then, of course, you had a wreck, or got stopped after a little too much Guinness. It never fails.

So here you are, required to carry SR-22 insurance to stay righteous with your state. Is your swagger gone? Have you been reduced to a sniffling pile of DNA?

You better not be. Sure, it’s an inconvenience and maybe a bit of an embarrassment to be in this situation, but it’s not insurmountable. There are lots of reasons you can take heart as you work through this little roadblock. (Oops. Bad choice of words?)

In time, you may see that this experience has helped you with some growing up you needed to do, or maybe just that your shortfalls can help you.

You’re Not A Bum

Whether your lack of insurance was reckless or wanton, you were not the only one hitting the highway without it. In fact, you were just one of many uninsured motorists involved in an accident.

Just like drunk drivers, petty thieves, and even violent criminals, there are many uninsured motorists out there who stay under the radar and never get in trouble. You didn’t do anything worse than the other uninsured drivers. You just had the misfortune of a complication.

So before you beat yourself up as the Asphalt Scumbag, keep in mind that now that you’re insured, you are better than those who were once your no-card peers.

You Probably Won’t Screw Up Again

The definition of a scofflaw isn’t someone who gets zinged after goofing up one time. It’s somebody who’s a chronic law-breaker, the one who buries the needle immediately after getting a speeding ticket. In other words, it’s probably not you.

Since your incident, you’re probably a little more conscientious, right? You aren’t speeding, you’re using your turn signals, and heaven knows you’re watching your blind spots.

Now that the legal system has delivered a slap across your chops, you’ll be sure to maintain insurance, obey the law, and do everything possible to avoid other wrecks or traffic citations.

There’s no motivation for straightening up quite like getting in trouble. You’ve learned the hard way, all right, but at least you have learned.

The Ladies Just Might Love You

Robin Hood you aren’t, but women like a little danger sometimes. Some get a kick out of knowing you live on the edge (“Oh, you didn’t mail your insurance payment on time? You’re an ANIMAL!”).

In a more realistic sense, you can build on this to gain equity with women. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake, because then you can show such maturity and composure in recovering from it.

What does it say about you if you stay current on your insurance? Nothing. What does it say if you let it lapse and then had a problem, but have since rebuilt your reputation? A lot. It’s hard to show you have character if you’ve never encountered a challenge to it.

So there it is, your reminder that things will get back to normal once those 1,095 days of SR-22 are behind you. Keep your head up, your insurance paid up, and your lead foot up.

– Written by Ashley Roberts


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