The Next belt from Nexbelt

Written by  Pinstripe Writer
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The Next belt from Nexbelt

Nexbelt Econ Men’s casual belt

The Next belt from Nexbelt

We’re back with Nexbelt and their New belt the Econ. Nexbelt, creators of the original Go-In golf series belt, extend their wonderful ratchet buckle design to the casual world with this precision fit slim line men’s belt. The Econ measures 1 3/16″ or about 30mm wide. The slimmer profile allows you to appropriately wear them with slacks, dockers, chinos or jeans alike. I love the precision fit of the Econ, it’s slim enough to wear everyday and super comfortable.

The Next belt from Nexbelt

Nexbelt has no holes! No more worn leather belt holes and the buckles are interchangeable. It uses a patent pending and proven ratchet style system, that allows 1/4″ adjustments for those of you who fall into the in between sizes. The Precise fit allows you to adjust for beers, steaks, wings, whatever. You eat it and Nexbelt will give you the same perfect fit every time!

The Econ retails for $34.95 available from Nexbelt.com


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