The Best in Men’s T-Shirt Trends for 2013

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At any given time there can be dozens of fashionable celebs popping up in magazine articles for best dressed, most trendy or even just featured in their day-to-day clothes and walking their dog. It’s likely their looks are chosen straight off the runway, lent to them by a major designer or picked up from an up-and-coming store by their personal assistant. Chances are the best styles and hottest looks are making their way right into the limitless racks of clothing they have to choose from. With so many different items floating around how do you know which styles are here to stay and what to add to your wardrobes this year? Here’s a list of the best men’s t-shirt trends for 2013 to get you started.


If anything was apparent on the runways for men’s spring and summer fashion it’s that big, bold patterns and bright colors are in. This one’s definitely worth taking a trend risk if you’re not used to making a statement. These fashion pieces are holding true in the upcoming fall and winter seasons, as well. So, grab a few bright blues or oranges, throw in a bold patterned t-shirt and get ready to wow!

 The Best in Men’s T-Shirt Trends for 2013

Images via J Crew and Gucci’s runway shows


Trendsetting gentlemen can usually be found sporting casual looks during the day and getting dressed to the nines for a night on the town. Lucky for us, their everyday wears are often picked up by paparazzi photographers and featured both online and in magazines. Some of today’s most fashionable male celebs are David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson and the guys of One Direction. At least for right now we can turn to them for some fashion advice and according to these images, they’re pretty much on the same page: jeans and a comfortable tee. So, it’s safe to assume this casual look is in style and incorporated into your day-to-day, as well.

The Best in Men’s T-Shirt Trends for 2013
Images via JustJared’s Celebrity Gossip website

In Stores

Falling in line with the runway shows and this year’s most fashionable celebs, stores are carrying tons of men’s t-shirts in this year’s hottest styles. We’re seeing bright colors, bold patterns and even some retro designs thrown into the mix. Adding a few of these into your daily grind will definitely keep you in style!

The Best in Men’s T-Shirt Trends for 2013

Images via T-Shirts.com

Written by Elise Schwartz


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