A Google Reader Alternative with a Brain

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NOOWIT A Google Reader Alternative with a Brain

A Google Reader Alternative with a Brain

As you may or may not know, Google’s RSS news reader “Google Reader,” is going to sunset on July 1st, 2013 The very same day the NOOWIT news reader launches and aims to become a viable replacement. But it’s more than just a reader, it’s engineered with AI to bring the ultimate in personalized content directly to you like your very own magazine. It’s Artificial Intelligence will adapt to your tastes to bring you filtered content in real-time. If your still using Google Reader to grab your RSS feeds, you still have some time to back them up. NOOWIT even has a Google Reader integration so you can import feeds into your personal NOOWIT magazine. It’s optimized for Safari and Chrome with native iOS apps on the way!

Check out the official Press Release below:

“A Google Reader Alternative with a ‘brain’ goes live the day Google Reader goes down!

Did you know the next generation of personalized news reader has already arrived and it’s intelligent? As Google Reader edges towards extinction, a new kid on the block, called NOOWIT, emerges all the way from Greece. NOOWIT is both a content discovery and self-publishing platform for readers, bloggers, brands, media communications professionals and publishers alike.

The first of its kind, this ‘intelligent’ reader/writer is a powerful tool that transforms content feeds from any source into an intuitive, smart digital magazine, and for any platform. NOOWIT learns what a reader likes from their interaction with content in real-time, and curates the content to fit each reader. A few days ago, NOOWIT released its much awaited Google Reader integration feature which allows Google Reader users to effortlessly import their feeds and categories into ‘Discover’ –NOOWIT’s personalized magazine-like reader. In one click, you can filter all your feeds through your personal interests and turn them into a MAG with a ‘brain’. It’s like having a personalized magazine that knows what you like and what you don’t. It’s no surprise the startup plans to launch to the general public on July 1st, the day of the much talked about Google Reader shut down. Currently, the platform is in private beta and accessible by private invitation only. So, if you don’t already have an account but want a glimpse, you can request an invitation here.

NOOWIT can filter all the noise and ‘cut’ the time you spend jumping from site to site or scrolling through endless article lists to find relevant content by half. To put it simply, it’s the A.I. answer to having a personal editor with you at all times. Like its predecessors, NOOWIT enables you to read your favorite news topics, online publications and blogs, but in this case you can also follow journalists you like, all in one place. The big difference with NOOWIT is the science behind it. It uses a brand new ‘adaptive’ information filtering technology,  based on advanced artificial intelligence, to filter content in real-time and adapt to each reader’s evolving interests.  Each time you ‘like’ an article (or in this case ‘LOVit’) it magically becomes larger on the pages of your personalized MAG, along with all other relevant content. Even from the first few clicks content gets tailored to better match your interests, so that the next time you open your MAG you can easily discover the articles that interest you most and avoid the rest. The more you interact with the content the more your MAG is ‘cut to fit’ you better. Similarly, when you click CUTit (remove) on an article you don’t like, NOOWIT uses that information to adapt. It’s quick on its toes and, believe it or not, when you grow out of one interest or get into something else NOOWIT can actually follow and continuously adapt to you.

The platform is optimized for Chrome and Safari. If you don’t mind a few hiccups you can already also enjoy it on your iPad, and the release of its native iOS app is right around the corner. So stay tuned for more news from this Greek start-up that seems eager to play in the big boys’ sandbox.”



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