Stockholm, What do the Vikings Know about Men’s Fashion?!

Written by  Ana Vigo
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Stockholm, What do the Vikings Know about Fashion?!

Leaving its Viking roots behind, Sweden has developed into an influential frontrunner in the fashion industry. What do the Vikings know about men’s fashion? It is Sweden that introduced H&M to the world back in 1947, and in the process, changed the way we thought about fashion.  In a country where simplicity rules, Stockholm challenges tradition to become a trendsetter among its more famous European counterparts.  “Catwalking” the streets of this Nordic wonderland are insanely gorgeous men whose work attire is truly worthy of a GQ photoshoot!

But even if you’re not blessed with perfect long legs and big blue eyes (hate me if you want, but the stereotype is true and I love it!)  you can still find your inner Viking by sticking to three key wardrobe rules.  First, make sure to choose basic dark colors for your main piece, easy enough right?  The second and most important rule is to wear very very very well fitted cloth.  Yeah, I know that’s almost impossible to find in American stores where everything is oversized, but stop being cheap and get a good tailor!  And last but not least, Stockholm is the only city where men’s shoes are far more impressive than that of women.  Swedish men take their love for shoes seriously, so do not disappoint, and finish off your look with an ass kicking pair.

Just in case you are fashionably challenged, here are a few pieces from Tiger of Sweden, a fashion powerhouse known for attracting the ever-so trendy Europeans.


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