Spring Fashion for the Everyday Man

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Looking to spice up your wardrobe this Spring? Many men are now realizing that fashion and menswear are becoming more important in today’s world, image has never been more important,whether you’re applying for a job, working out at the gym, or socializing at the bar around the corner. For the fashionably-latent man, here are a few tips that can revolutionize your attire and distance you from those jean shorts and lean you toward the fitted, twill shorts:

For Work

Keep away from those black suits this summer! Today’s man is not afraid to wear a little bit of color in the workplace. As more businesses are veering toward the creative side, attire for work is becoming less formal and more business casual, but there are exceptions. If you work in a formal setting (most likely the East Coast), be brash-and-bold!

Mix and match your shirt and tie combinations, ‘tis the season where your colors don’t have to be complimentary. Contrasting colors are definitely the way to go! Wear a fitted suit that reflect the season, meaning light blues or opaque colors, just make sure to pair it off with a pocket square.

For the business casual workplace(probably in the West Coast), the same rule applies, stay away from dark colors, the only exception is the blazer and the sport coat, which are the central items for business casual. Since you don’t really need a suit for this kind of workplace, a good jacket with proper combinations of cardigans, slim-fit slacks, colorful men’s sport shirts (no tie necessary) and some Clarks Originals or loafers will surely make you look amazing and land you that account that you’ve been working on.

For the Gym

You may not know this, but a recent poll suggests that the most missed connections are at the gym. And confidence can decline if you’re wearing baggy, stained sweatpants and sweaty, neon-colored shirts.

However, if you roll into the gym in with the latest seasonal gym-wear, you may not miss connections and you might catch the eye of the lovely young lady on the stairmaster. Don’t be scared to debut a good-looking tank top, just make sure it’s not monochromatic. Stripes are in, so make sure you pair off that tank with nicely fitted shorts (not too long, not too short, just slightly above the knee). Stay away from brightly-colored shorts and tennis shoes, neutral colors (light earth tones) are the way to go this season. And don’t forget that towel!

For Tonight

After a hard day at work and a few hours at the gym, it’s time to hit the bars and clubs with your friends. Whether you live in the East Coast and West Coast, there is really one rule for spring wear: less is more! Simplify your outfits and shed those layers, you can put them back on when autumn comes back around.

Same as before, make sure you display pastels, trendy loafers (no socks needed) and a freshly pressed jacket. If you decide to wear a solid jacket, make sure your pants aren’t, but if you decide to have a patterned jacket, make sure your pants are as well. Khakis are back, so don’t be afraid to wear a pair and combine it with a solid-colored polo. If you have a leather jacket, now’s the time to wear it if you go out so long as it’s fitted.

It’s time for the everyday-man to heed the call of the fashion gods. Go out enjoy a beer, but look good drinking it! It’s never been more important to look your best and work on your personal image, you may even get a date out of it.

Written by Ashley Roberts


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