How to Score Women at a Club

Written by  Alex Matlock
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Going out to clubs is probably one of my favorite ways of meeting women. You have people telling you that you can never find your girlfriend at the club, you’d rather find her in a library or something of that nature. I completely disagree… let’s look at you for example. You’re  a fine gentleman that any woman would be incredibly lucky to have yet you still go out to a club right? Well, it the same with all women. It doesn’t matter if she’s relationship material or not, most women will go to a club with her friends at some point in time. As a result, when you go to the club you have a very high chance of meeting them there. Makes sense? Of course it does.

That being said, let’s look at how you should work the specifics on how to score women at a club when you’re out.

Pick The Right Spot

We already know how to pick a good club but we never looked into where to stay in that club. This may seem like an obvious one but many people often overlook this part. The key here is to NOT sit and a table in the corner of the club somewhere. While many of you think it may be cool to have a 500$ a night table, you’ll mostly be sitting at it with your friends. What you want to do is to pick a location that gets a lot of traffic. Somewhere around the bar is always a good idea but make sure you always have a reason for being there (getting a drink) as you don’t want to come out as a weird douche that’s just sitting there.

Pick Up Lines Were Dead In The 90’s

“Are you a parking ticket? (What?) You’ve got fine written all over you.” – Is NOT how you want to open a conversation. As I’ve said on countless occasions, situational openers are the best openers. If you really don’t have a clue about what you’re going to say, just wing it and say “Hi”. A simple “Hi” will 100% bring in more results that any cheesy pick-up line you’ve ever read on the internet.

In case you didn’t know, a situational opener is something related to the situation you both (or just her) find yourselves in. If there’s a long boring queue at the bar, you can make fun of the bartender/situation. If a douche just failed in trying to approach her, you can make fun of that. If you’ve seen a total fashion fail on the other side of the bar, you can make fun of that. That last one can also help you land a subtle compliment since she’s the one you’re talking about fashion with.

It has been proven that women always find honesty and humor as attractive qualities in men, this is why I said “Make fun of” in all of the above examples. If humor isn’t your thing, just make up a story you want her to give you an opinion on.

Avoid Dance Pick-ups

I’m not saying you can’t have success with dance pick-ups, I’m just saying you’ll have MORE success doing something else. This is mostly down to the fact that you need to be good looking, since you’re not going to talk much and you’re also going to have to know how to dance. Plus, even if you know how to dance and can keep a good rhythm, the girl might still be terrible and if you can’t keep up with her terrible dancing, she’s still going to think that you’re the one that doesn’t know how to dance.

Everybody can learn to talk and be charming enough to attract a chick but not everybody can “learn” to be good looking. This is why, it’s just best to stay away from dance pick-ups.

Befriend All “Obstacles”

“Obstacle” may seem a bit harsh but it’s a commonly used term in this whole pick-up scene. It basically refers to the girls that are in her pack which have the power to prevent you from scoring, therefore are obstacles in the way of your success.

You don’t have to become best friends and actually, you don’t even have to talk to them initially. But, if 3-5 minutes of conversation with your chick pass and things are looking up, it’s a very good idea to at least introduce yourself to them. Be charming and nice, drop a joke or two and get back to talking to your main chick. It won’t stop them all from turning into cockblockers but it may very well raise your status just enough to score the chick.

Dealing With CockBlockers

Unfortunately cockblockers are always present in a club scene and are a major downer for any pick-up attempt. They come in 2 different forms and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Women (usually, her envious friends) – If you’ve attempted a pick-up on a chick that was out on a girls night with her BFF, you’ve already failed because nothing will stop that determined man hater from achieving her goal. This problem can only be avoided with proper scouting.

If you’ve approached a group of friends that has a man hater trying to constantly rain on your parade you can use the simple bathroom trick. Wait for her to bring a “good” argument and ask ANYONE (your friends, other girls, any person in the group) to also share his/hers opinion on this point. As that person starts talking and hopefully starts arguing, excuse yourself to the toilet. When you come back, go back straight to the initial chick and try to get her as far as possible from the cockblocker.

Ex girlfriends or girls you didn’t call again the next day can also fall into this category and can be dealt with the above example.

If you really want to get your main girl, whatever you do, DO NOT attack the cockblocker. If that girl isn’t all that important and you couldn’t care less, drop a “you’re life is miserable” line at the cockblock and leave the group swiftly.

Men (usually, your competition) – If there’s not many girls around or you’ve just picked the absolute hottest chick that night, men will be all over you. It’s not really hard to deal with men as long as you’ve got game and he’s not 5x bigger than you.

The best thing to do is to just ignore the dude and focus on gaming the chick. If you’ve got friends with you, you can have them extract him from the group, especially if they are more “aggressive”. If you manage to spit enough game, any interruption from the dude may come out as rude.

If you clearly see that she isn’t at all interested in this dude, look into her eyes and tell her that you’re going to the toilet (or whatever) and that you’ll be back in a second. This will show her that you have enough confidence to leave her with that dude over there and give her enough time to be completely annoyed by him. When you come back, you’re the guy that finally saves her from that terrible conversation/dude.  Plus, the anticipation that builds while waiting for you can do a tremendous amount of good.

Keep Working The Same Chick

I’ve noticed that the more you stay with a girl on the first night the higher the chance of seeing her again or even landing the one night stand. That being said, you should try to be on her, get the makeout and genuinely do as much as you can on the night.

The only time when you don’t want to do this is if you feel like you’re running out of things to say/do. If that seems to be the case, get her number and pop-out. It’s better to end it on a high-note than to let it drag itself into boredom.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit ThePlayerGuide.com  – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.


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