Flor Modular Carpeting for your Man Cave

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Flor Modular Carpeting for your Man Cave

Flor Modular Carpeting for your Man Cave

Check out Flor modular carpeting for your man cave or office. Flor makes some of the most durable modular carpeting available today, that comes in convenient squares to customize whatever area your looking to cover no matter what the shape.

Flor modular carpeting, Office, Man Cave designs


Clean and contemporary with a sea of graphics, patterns, colors and textures from you to choose from, Flor allows virtually any look and feel you could want. You can use one of their design layouts or mix and match styles for your own personalization.

Flor pre cut and custom cut carpeting for your man cave


Flor carpet squares come in 50x50cm or 19.7×19.7″ squares for you to lay down area carpeting or even a runner for your space. Flor also provides various other sizes including a 3’x3′ square with the Modern Mix design. You can follow their design patterns or mix and match to make your own creative statement for your man cave. You can even have Flor custom cut your pattern if you don’t want squares, or you can even cut them yourself!


The Flor system is incredibly easy to install, simply use the FlorDot adhesive that is supplied to connect your custom layout together and not to your expensive floor. The modular carpeting is super sturdy and is constructed with a fairly thick vinyl coating on the reverse to prevent sliding.

Cleaning and Convenience

Ever spill something on your carpet or steam clean it only to find out years later that there was moisture that penetrated your wall-to-wall carpeting, ruining and rotting your floor? The Flor system is extremely durable and can be easily cleaned by simply running the affected squares under a faucet, let dry and replace! No more struggling with your living room carpet when you move either, with the Flor modular carpeting system, just stack em and pack em!


The look is clean and contemporary and allow you to dictate whatever design aesthetics you envision for your man cave, office or any room in your castle. I highly recommend the Flor system for durability, customization and reusability.

available from Flor.com from $8.00 to $80.00 per square


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