Efficient Ways to Access the Internet with On-the-Go Devices

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Remember when our only option to access the World Wide Web was by signing in and waiting while annoying beeps and dial tones enabled us to surf the web? Fortunately, the Internet has come a long way since dial-up!

Today, ever-advancing technology has privileged us with the option to opt out of waiting for excruciating periods of time, as well as taking the frustration out of accessing the Internet. Besides calling a local Internet provider, having them drill holes in your walls to put cables through, and paying unstable monthly payments, there are more convenient ways to obtain Wi-Fi.

New portable, Wi-Fi supplying devices have enabled wireless Internet the ability to be on-the-go. So, whether you’re a desktop, laptop, or tablet user, here’s a list of different portable, Wi-Fi devices you can use to make the World Wide Web easier to attain:

·  The Clear Spot Voyager Limited Edition–  This cherry-red, wireless-providing gadget offers users unlimited 4G Internet service for a one-time payment of $49.99, along with payments to cover the month-to-month plan. Up to eight computers, laptops or mobile devices can use this portable device’s Wi-Fi simultaneously. Getting a range of up to 150ft, with only minor interferences, the Spot Voyager Limited Edition works great for larger households or around the office. Also benefiting wide-spaced living areas and corporate offices, this device is very user-friendly and offers secure sharing.

·  Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 5510L– Life on the road can be grueling, especially if your profession requires you to travel frequently. Typically costing $69 for the device alone, the Jetpack is now free with a 2-year contract. A month-to-month plan is also available for those on a strict budget. From laptops, desktops, portable gaming systems (Xbox), cameras, cellphones and tablets, the Jetpack provides Internet for up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices on 4G services, and up to five on 3G.

·  Clear 4G Mobile USB– If you’re looking for wireless internet for laptops, this insertable gadget gives Wi-Fi a new twist. Similar to a USB drive that stores data, the Clear 4G Mobile USB provides Internet on a stick! This device is compatible with PC and Mac; however, it’s not compliant with Windows 8 and Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) operating systems.  Also, this device can only be used for laptops.

·  DataJack Mobile Hotspot– With plans starting at $9.99, DataJack is beneficial for apartment-residents, for those who are saving-savvy, or those who don’t need a wide-range of Internet. Connecting up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices, DataJack is compatible with laptops, tablets, gaming systems, smartphones and printers. Offering both a device and USB modem, DataJack’s MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot starts at $89.99, while the Mobile Broadband USB Modem starts at $69.99 for the unit alone. Depending on how much Internet you need per month, DataJack provides different wireless plans for each device. Plans that offer 5GB of Internet start at $49.99. A 2GB plan costs $39.99, and descending. Basically, the less Internet your plan provides, the less you have to pay!

So, there are some Wi-Fi options to toy with, surfers! Only you know what the best plan for you is…

Written by Ashley Roberts


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