Click and Style razor for your manscaping needs

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Philips Norelco Click and Style razor

Click and Style razor for your manscaping needs

Looking for a cost conscious all in one shaver? Check out the Philips Norelco Click and Style razor for your manscaping needs. This all-in-one shaver comes with 3 attachments that get you from A to Z without the hassle. The YS524/41 gives you quick change click on/click off heads, a; Two-headed shaver, Beard Styler and Bodygroom shaver for your manscaping needs.

Body Groomer and Beard Styler

As with the Philips Norelco shavers, the Click and Style is waterproof and can be used wet or dry with or without shaving gel. If your looking for something with a little less Beard Styler, check out the AXE Philips Norelco Shave and Groom Kit.

Tactilly the shaver feels good in the hand, it’s got a fair weight to it and ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. The Beard Styler gives you 5 lengths to trim your facial hair how you want. The Bodygroom shaver is a foil shaver head with built-in cutters to help you trim those sensitive areas with a bit more precision. I’m not a huge fan of the circular heads to begin with but having only two makes it that much harder to use them both together and run the risk of some razor rash. I didn’t find the Click and Style’s two-headed circular shaver head to be quite as comfortable or efficient as the SensoTouch 3D electric razor but for a shave it did ok.

The Click and Style razor is a good entry level all-in-one men’s razor that will give you good all around grooming of your entire manly self and won’t break the bank.

Available for $69.99


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