5 Things You Can Fix on Your Car Without a Mechanic

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5 Things You Can Fix on Your Car Without a Mechanic

There are many different occasions where you may have found something wrong with your car. On such occasions, you may have gotten help from a mechanic but have wondered if it would be possible for you to simply do it yourself. The truth is that there are lots of things that you can easily fix on your car without the help of a professional mechanic. To be a DIY mechanic (and thus save a lot of money), you have to learn to be hands on with your car. Easier said than done, right? Well, here are a few categories of car repair to consider:

Replace the Battery

The first thing that you can surely do on your own is replace the battery for your car. The battery may need to be replaced if your car is not turning on. You will need a few supplies, including a replacement battery, wrench, and a screwdriver. If you are not sure where the battery is located in your car, simply pull out the owner’s manual for the car to see the exact location of the battery. Remove the old battery by loosening the nuts from the bolts and then carefully place the new battery in its spot. You can get this whole process completed in about 15-30 minutes.

Fix Your Paint Job

The exterior of your car is equally as important as the interior. If you have any rust or any scratches on your car, you will want to fix your paint job, which is something you can do on your own. You will need to head to the store to buy touch up paint for the car. Make sure that you choose the right color that matches perfectly with the color of your car otherwise you will end up with mismatched colors on the vehicle. With the paint and a paintbrush, you can do a touch up job on your call all by yourself.

Adjust or Replace Brake Pads

If your brake pads make squeaky noises every time you press down on them, it is likely time for them to be replaced. Your brakes have to be up to par because you would never want to be in a situation where they stopped working when you are driving. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing this on your own.

You will need several tools, which includes a lug wrench and a jack. You will also need both new brake pads and the brake fluid. You have to start off with one side first and then work on the other side once you have completed. The nuts on the wheel need to be loosened, the bolt needs to be removed, and then the brake pads can be replaced.

Replace Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs on a car have to be replaced every so often. They should be replaced after you have put about 10,000 miles on your car. Changing the spark plugs is a job you can do on your own with the right tools. You will need the right automobile tools, including a wrench and pliers, along with the new spark plugs. You can follow the manual that comes with your car to get an idea on how to correctly change the spark plugs for your car.

Change the Oil

It is said that you should change the oil often, especially if you use a lot of miles. An oil change is a vital part of the tune-up process for the car. You will need oil and an oil filter to begin changing the oil. Locate the oil filter, remove it and replaced it with a new filter, and the place the new oil inside.

These are just some of the ways that you can fix your car without a mechanic. By doing the job on your own, you can save a whole lot of money and will not have to worry about having a mechanic come out to do it for you.

Written by Ashley Roberts


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