What Women Really Want

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As times change so do the expectations of genders and their roles in society. In times such as the 1960s it was expected that a women stand behind her husband while she took care of the home and children. Times change and so do the relationships and dynamics between men and women. In this generation, a women wants to have someone that she can depend on and trust. They are educated, hard working and job-oriented. What women once expected from men doesn’t always apply to the every day American women now.

Keep Yourself in Check

A man needs to be able to control his emotions. Women don’t have time for someone that is going to overreact in anger. It was once expected that a man would get upset if he saw his girlfriend with another man. But it is now perfectly acceptable for her to go on a business dinner with a male client or coworker. Being emotionally mature and confident as a man is extremely important in an adult relationship with a woman.

Safety Isn’t About Burglars 

She does not need someone to protect her. Trading in the testosterone-driven man for something like a Vivint home security system gives the same amount of protection without all the maintenance. A women wants to feel safe in a relationship, but not in the way that she needs someone to protect her if she hears something in the night.

It’s Time to Drop the Antics and Commit

In high school it was just fine to date around. But as adults she doesn’t want to waste her time. If she is taking the time to find a partner to spend the rest of her life with, then she wants to know that you are both serious. As a strong woman, she has no time to mess around. She has better things to do than spend time with an immature man who still wants to feel young. She has people to see and places to go. If you want it to work, you are going to have to commit.

When a women finds a man, she wants an equal partnership. At one time, a women relied on a man to provide and for protection. In all reality a big, strong man is no longer needed to watch out for you when you can automate your home or have a trained dog to cover your security needs. However, in this current day and age, times have changed. A women wants a man who will love, respect and support her in all of her aspirations in life.

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