Wireless Device to Device charging technology

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Wireless Device to Device charging technology!

Wireless Device to Device charging technology. So you are out and your buddy has 90% power on his smartphone or tablet, your phone is about to die, you have no charging plug or cable with you, what do you do? With some help from Fulton Innovation, device-to-device wireless charging is going to be a reality. Basically every mobile smartphone or phablet would in essence be a viable power source for your device. How great is that!

Fulton Innovation demonstrated their “cooler than sliced bread” two-way charging technology this week at CES in Las Vegas. They have taken the charging mat a step further and allowed two Qi enabled devices to both transmit and receive power when placed back to back. Qi is the international standard for wireless power as developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. Fulton Innovation has also extended this capability to provide power to say, an interactive music poster that you can play or maybe a magazine you can interact with when you place your phone near it.

The concept and development of wireless power isn’t exactly new, as demonstrated in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, the transmission of power through the air without the use of any connections or wires. The reason why we don’t have truly wireless speakers yet that you can place across the room is mainly due to the heath hazards that come along with sending power through the air.

– fultoninnovation.com


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