LG Google TVs for smart surfing

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LG Google TVs for smart surfing
LG is adding Google TV to seven of their 2013 models for smarter tv surfing. WebTV didn’t go to far, but Smart TVs seem to be catching on quite well as the internet becomes as standard as a coffee maker for the masses.

LG is announcing its 45 and 55 inch GA7900 and the GA6400 in 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60 inches featuring Google TV intertwined with LG’s Magic Remote, you’ll be able to switch channels, view streaming content and search for shows from the Google TV dashboard.

Think of it as the beginning of Siri for TVs, want a movie, want to surf ? Tell LG’s Google TV to go and find it for you in it’s growing repository for 100k movies and TV shows or go out to a website for you when your surfing. LG’s Magic remote also features a flip out style QWERTY keyboard if you prefer.

via gizmodo.com


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