How to Get Her to Sleep with You Even if She’s Hard to Get

Written by  Alex Matlock
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How to Get Her to Sleep with You Even if She's Hard to Get

How to Get Her to Sleep with You Even if She’s Hard to Get. There’s some chicks out there that make it incredibly difficult for you to bang them. They date you, the make out with you, they do all of those things but for some reason you just can’t get them back to your place for a night of naked fun.

Usually, this either happens because she lives too far away from your house, she has to wake up early in the morning or she says no, to you asking her back to your place because “she’s not ready” for what’s about to get down.

We all know that getting her back to your place doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get some action so why not change things up and invite her over for dinner?

This works like a charm because you’re not actually asking her over for sex but more planning a date at your place where you’ll cook for her so she obviously can’t say no.  If you can cook something that doesn’t involve the microwave and ready meals you can do this without a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still in college with 5 other guys in the house, as long as you’ve got your own bedroom, sex will happen. All you have to do is to follow the steps below on How to Get Her to Sleep with You Even if She’s Hard to Get:

Ask at the right time

That’s right, you can’t be talking to her for one hour and bluntly ask her to come over, it’s not going to work. You need to see if she’s hard to get and then try this move. I would say a minimum of 2 dates or meetings or whatever are needed for her to actually agree to this.

Lay down your best moves

Whenever you ask a girl over back to your place, you do it because it’s the next logical step regarding your interaction. If you’ve just talked and then you ask her, you’ll just cook dinner, for a kiss, and that will make you feel like a total loser. You need to at least make out or be into some serious petting before you ask this question. Don’t waste a dinner at your place as she might not come back the second time.

Tell her about it

At the end of date 2-3 when you kiss and touch etc you say: “What about dinner at my house next time? I’m a great cook and just learned how to make [food]”. She won’t think much about it and that’s exactly what you want, you’re only pitching your idea here and she’ll slowly start to get used to it. Don’t give exact date and time, call her up in a few days for that.

Togetherness is the key to success

This is the most important part so pay attention. You must do everything together for 2 reasons. First of all, doing this together (cooking) will help her get comfortable with you in your own house.

Secondly, you want her to drink on an empty stomach so that sweet wine can get to her head. If she drinks on a full stomach the alcohol won’t affect her decision making so it’s paramount to get her drinking before eating takes place. Cooking long meals is recommended since it will give her the chance to drink more before the food is ready. Also, make sure you have plenty of her preferred alcohol in the house (ask her what she likes on the first dates).

Feed her.

Since she’s over for dinner, dinner will have to take place at some point. Make sure you cook something simple, that takes a while to make and is edible. Don’t overdo it with a “silver service” or other stuff that might “impress her” as that will not go in your favor.  Trying too hard tells her you’re a nice guy and you don’t want that plus, pulling of a “silver service” is going to keep you thinking more about the food, when all you should be thinking is how to undress her.

Anyone can make pasta or Chinese. I prefer Chinese (rice, chicken, vegetables) because the alcohol can easily pass through it. If she’s amused by your “amateur” cooking skills, just tell her, in a funny way, that you’re not Gordon Ramsey and you should be fine.

Have sex.

The secret here is to get her somewhere, where you can have sex. Take her back to your room/bedroom and lay her on the bed. If you’ve got a couch, that’s even better because it doesn’t scream sex right away.

Do not ask her to watch a movie because by the time the movie is done, that sweet sweet wine will have left her brain. Just put on some music, pour her some more wine and start making out. Touch her, make out, all that jazz until you know she’s turned on. Once that happens, you can start taking her clothes off slowly but remember, this girl is hard to get so make sure you don’t give her any chances to second guess this. Have everything ready (condom in pocket), sex on the couch, pissed before all that so she doesn’t have the opportunity to “think about what’s going on” whilst you leave her alone for a minute to get a condom/piss whatever.

No couch? Show her where your room is, put some music there and get to it!

Also, if you can’t have sex that first time you need 2 more dates before you can do this again. “Hard to get” girls won’t like it when you ask them back to your place just after they were back at your place. It makes you seem like sex is all you want (her knowing what you really want isn’t going to help your situation).

This “dinner at your place” move is also good for guys that are not so experienced with game or even intermediate players that are good with women but have a harder time getting them into bed. Although I’m a master at getting chicks back to my place or just going to theirs, sometimes I need to use this move if I really want to bang some hottie that just won’t give in that easily.

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