Church & Co Limited Grizdale vs Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip Boot

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Wingtip boots are perfect for the winter and look great under jeans and even under a suit. However, there are so many brands that sell wingtip boots; so, which ones do you buy? You can spend anywhere from $150 to $800 on a good pair of boots, so here are two that we like that are affordable. However, when you really look at them there is only one pair that really makes sense and we will tell you which and why.

Each Church & Co. Limited

Church & Co. Limited

Each Church & Co. Limited boot is handcrafted by specialized artisans in Northampton, adding to the rich history of the company as a manufacturer of high-quality, sartorially timeless, and enduring footwear. These boots are pebbled leather upper with wingtip brogue and perforations. They are ankle-high, lace-up front, have a pull tab on back, are leather lining and padded with arch-supported footbed. The Grizdale wingtip boots are made in England and will cost you anywhere from $350-$600.

Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip

Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip

These Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip Boots come in black and brown and have a cool design, which smartens up a rugged boot. It is crafted out of tough leather. The Isaac wingtips could be paired with fabrics like corduroy and tweed. So, the reason why we think these Caterpillar wingtips are the better choice is because they only cost $160, and for that price you can get both the black and brown pair. Get these boots now at hop.nordstrom.com.

Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip

Caterpillar Isaac Wingtip



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